Isn’t there a residency requirement? Cory Heidelberger trying to tell Aberdonians what to do already?

Back in state how many weeks, and Cory Heidelberger is already trying to tell Aberdeen residents what to do?

Four people filed nominating petitions for open spots on the Aberdeen Public Board of Education and three others turned in petitions for the Aberdeen City Council.


Petitions for the City Council were submitted by incumbents Laure Swanson and David Bunsness who represent the southeast and southwest districts, respectively. Challenging Swanson in the Southeast District is Cory A. Heidelberger.

Read it here.

Update – Always good to see Cory make my arguments for me regarding his carpetbagger status…

I took up residency in Aberdeen the night of February 2. I registered to vote in Brown County on February 3. The city election is June 2.

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32 thoughts on “Isn’t there a residency requirement? Cory Heidelberger trying to tell Aberdonians what to do already?”

  1. I hope the voters in Aberdeen are smart enough to keep this character out, no matter what his residency is.

  2. I’ve been told he was recruited by city council woman Jennifer Slaight Hansen. She is also Chair of the Brown County Dems and a frequent commenter on his blog.

    These are not your Paul Dennert, Jim Hundstad, Burt Elliott, Dennis Fiekert democrats. These are OBAMA doesn’t go far enough party members.

    The Aberdeen City Council has 4 incredibly far left members Mark Remily, Jennifer Slaight Hansen, Rob Ronayne, and Mayor Levsen.

    Clint Rux is the moderate Dem.

    4 on the council are Republican. Todd Campbell, Alan Johnson, Dave Bunsness and laure swanson.

    The Aberdeen City Council is the last bastion of elected liberalism in Brown County and it is in decline.

    Business owners are tired of the Obama fanatics.

    1. Mr. Heidelberger

      Good luck in your campaign up there! City Commission is really the nuts and bolts of the community. Mr. Powers is just trying to have fun playing partisan again. If the citizens feel you have more to offer they will vote for you. If not, there are other opportunities to serve in life.

    2. I’m confident that Aberdeenian will see through Coreys anger, hate & bigotry, hold him accountable for his hater-blog, and soundly reject him. The real accounting will occur when he discovers that he only received one vote from under his roof.

      He ain’t what S .Dakota is about. His obscene vision is not America’s vision.

      Coreys overinflated ego will soon burst, again. Like the demise of the Hindenberg, the guano of a false sense of oneself will fall like rain onto the clean streets of Aberdeen.

      Predictably, he will rise from the rotting pile of sledge and proclaim that his resounding defeat was because of those backwards citizens of Aberdeen.

      What a delusional freak.

        1. I don’t hate him…I pity him.

          Living a life of delusion must be full of daily disappointments.

          1. ‘Living a life of delusion must be full of daily disappointments.’

            If that’s true then everyday must be one big disappointment when you get up in the morning and look in the mirror.

          2. Andrew there comes a time in one’s life when you must let go. This is not a healthy obsession.

          3. Andrew there comes a time in one’s life when you must let go. This is not a healthy obsession

            Sorry it was supposed to be a reply hopefully placed correctly under the right comment.

      1. That seems a bit harsh on my good friend Mr. H. He’s actually not half the devil he thinks he is.

    3. “(1) No one recruited me. My candidacy was a surprise to every council member and member of the Brown County Dems.”

      Corey has a penchant for mmmm…not being fully accurate. We never did get the full story why he “resigned” from Spearfish schools without ever been offered a subsequent contract to resign from.

      “(2) Jennifer Slaight-Hansen rarely comments on my blog, at least compared to my regulars. ”

      Clearly this reflects poorly on Jennifer. ANYONE who comments on his haterblog is bound to be contaminated by the violence there. (See Locard’s principle).

      1. No doubt the Democratic Party chairwoman was recruiting against her fellow city council member. I understand that Cory wants to cover for her but she clearly must have had her hands in this mess.

    4. Mr. Hundstadt is a pretty salty character. If he resurfaces again I expect it will be in a run for Governor. And he may well win that. It is tough to beat Jim Hundstadt in anything.

  3. Heidelberger’s Moving Checklist.

    1. Move back to SD.

    2. Start to unpack.

    3. Circulate petitions to run for office.

    4. Get cable TV and Internet hooked up

  4. Odd that Mr. Heidelberger did not want to run for the school board! Golly gee, why is that?

    If he does win a spot on the city council, any wagers on how long it will be before he’ll say something outrageous like Ernie Chambers in Nebraska?

    I hope to god that Aberdeen city council meetings are recorded.

  5. As a declared candidate for a political office, it would only be fair & proper to charge Corey to post/advertise on DWC!

    Ah, sweet joy!

  6. Anyone interested in seeing the “true” sentiments of a certain portion of South Dakota’s now almost non-existent Democrat party, need inly read the comment section of Cory’s blog. The trash spewed there is juvenile and middle-school maturity at best. Disgusting tripe.

    1. In all fairness this is like going back to junior high at times since the partisanship gets out of hand on DWC. Now why would one care about a guy running for city council? Is this guy really that much of a threat? It really comes down to the differences of what each candidate can do on that level of office.

      1. “Is this guy really that much of a threat?”

        Is a bus full of intoxicate frat boys in OK a threat to anyone?

  7. Good campaign, Mr. Heidelberger. Your balanced and measured approach will be perfect for the “Chosen City”.

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