It’s the National Day of Giving. So, of course Billie Sutton’s wife wants your cash

It’s the National Day of Giving day today.

“#GivingTuesday” is held annually the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, as a movement to create an international day of charitable giving at the beginning of the Christmas and holiday season.

So, who else would you want to give your charitable dollars to but a Democrat politician looking for your cashcha-ching!

Skip donating for the rescue of pets in your community, or to try to find a cure for cancerYou can pass over all those sick kids benefitting from Make a Wish. And why would Feeding South Dakota be important when you can send your hard earned money towards ‘a charity’ that has continually been raising money since the last election to keep the losing candidate for Governor’s name in the public spotlight?

That was sarcasm of course.  There are really NO WORDS for this crass attempt at grabbing cash on Giving Tuesday by politicians.

Please do support Make a Wish & Feeding South Dakota, or any of the thousands of other worthy charitable organizations on Giving Tuesday.

Because there’s an impossibly long line before you even start to approach the “Billie Sutton trying-to-stay relevant Institute.”

6 thoughts on “It’s the National Day of Giving. So, of course Billie Sutton’s wife wants your cash”

  1. At least two problems with the Sutton appeal.

    First, charitable gifts are never “tax-exempt.” Charities are tax-exempt; gifts to charity are not tax-exempt. The appropriate phrase is “tax deductible,” but that beings up the second issue.

    Second, no charity can guarantee that any donation *is* tax deductible. Even when qualifying gifts are made to eligible organizations and follow all the other rules, deductibility of charitable gifts is subject to each donor’s individual tax situation. Most donors don’t itemize, so they won’t being deducting charitable gifts. Those few who itemize are limited to deducting 60% of their adjusted gross income.

  2. It is crazy that they get charity status for what is clearly a political organization. Either the IRS was asleep at the wheel or the SD Clintons were “creative” in their application.

  3. I’m giving all my money to Kristi, whose fundraiser came Native Americans Day, so she can suck up to He Who Is Next To Be Impeached and “Defeat the Radical Left.”

    1. The dimdems have set a precedent. Impeach anyone who sits in the President’s office, no matter what the reason.

      What goes around comes around.

      Remember Schiff for Brains, Dems will pay for the attempted coup.

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