8 thoughts on “Jackley posts new commercial to Facebook”

  1. See Marty. See Marty run. Run run run, Marty!

    Meh. I suppose it’s fine from a ‘feel-good’ standpoint (probably the whole point), but I trust the opinion of your track coach from 30 years ago about as much as I trust the opinion of any given Kardashian.

  2. Here is what my track coach would say about me as a student and on the track team.

    “You could count on Troy being first to the first hurdle and last to the last hurdle. Short fat legs fire you out of the blocks but just aren’t made for the high hurdles. In fact, short fat legs don’t work very well in track. Troy was too dumb to know he should have done something else. Like maybe do his homework earlier than the two minutes before class.”

    Let me know if anyone needs me to get it on a video. I see him occasionally here in Sioux Falls as he retired here. I also had him for Algebra II and another class, maybe Trigonometry (what is called Pre-Calculus now) or the Advanced version which is Calculus.

  3. Eh, it doesn’t make me any more likely to vote for him. Somebody who is a legend around Sturgis isn’t necessarily going to be known by more than a handful of people around the rest of the state, especially if they were not born and raised in South Dakota. People can change a lot in college, so a 30 second spiel from a track coach from quite a while ago isn’t that compelling to me, personally.

  4. Why isn’t Mary supporting the free speech bill? He should fight for it. If he doesn’t, I’m voting Noem

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