Tapio responds to critics in Watertown editorial, notes “It’s time to address the war on terror head on”

State Senator Neal Tapio penned a guest editorial column in response to the criticism leveled at him in recent weeks over his appearance at an Interfaith event at the South Dakota State Capitol:

A packing plant in Aberdeen, S.D., which currently employs over 400 Somali Muslims, actively recruits workers from the Somali community in Minnesota. Lutheran Social Services buses them into our communities, and if you object or simply ask questions, they partner with groups that label you a hater, extremist, xenophobe and Islamophobe.

I’ve had enough.

I will not stay silent as these political activists market themselves as soft and cuddly “Interfaith” groups or deceptive front groups like “South Dakotans for Peace,” while they label fellow South Dakotans members of hate groups.


It’s time to address the war on terror head on, just like President Trump has so bravely done. I’ve spent the last three years of my life preparing to lead this conversation.

Let’s roll.

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26 thoughts on “Tapio responds to critics in Watertown editorial, notes “It’s time to address the war on terror head on””

  1. “Lutheran Social Services buses them into our communities”

    And they get federal and state of South Dakota money to do. That means LSS has a financial conflict of interest on this issue.

    1. Sounds uncomfortably close to a form of human trafficking. Rep Noem has offered many Federal words on the subject as a champion of the issue. How does the likes of an LSS and other aligned groups skirt these charges ? Should they be held to a higher degree of account ? Or has the trafficking language created a “cut out” in operations for these organizations ? Does including a religious sect descriptor afford an organization protections ?

  2. Please, come visit and get to know us, Senator Tapio.
    Aberdeen Muslim Women Association (AMWA)
    -AMWA was founded in 1998 by a group of Muslim women in Aberdeen because they cared about the needs of the women and children. What started as a few ladies who decided to ‘help each other out’ grew to a non-profit volunteer organization that holds yearly festive events and activities suiting the needs of ethnic minority women and children. We are inclusive of all people of other religious or non-religious affiliations
    …with a Mission to:
    relieving the needs of minority ethnic women and children;
    promote religious and racial harmony; and
    promote equality and diversity.
    -So now, we try our best to:
    promote social interaction and good relations with and between other communities;
    organize cultural festivals and social events for minority ethnic women from all communities;
    organize training workshops and classes;
    counsel women in need of support;
    provide support and care for women in need (i.e. visits and provide meals for bereaved depressed and convalescing women;
    give communications support to non-English speaking women; and
    provide information regarding services to new comers to the Aberdeen community.

  3. Remind us all again how many Islamic terror attacks have occured in South Dakota. How many people died as a result? I think we’re better off figuring out how to keep deer off the highway. At least that might save some lives.

  4. Where does he keep getting this 400 number? And why does it matter? As far as I know, I’ve never heard of anyone from Aberdeen, Somali or otherwise, being arrested for trying to join a terror group as of yet. Why go after people who are just trying to get by and pursue the American Dream of happiness and prosperity?

    1. Malachi, did you see that the Muslim Brotherhood has declared the United States an enemy? The issue is not necessarily about “terrorism”, but is about “Jihad”, that is done by Brotherhood Mosques, such as the Islamic Center of Sioux Falls.

      1. Meanwhile, many kids in South Dakota don’t have enough to eat, suicides are up, our infrastructure is crumbling, CHIP runs out in March… Just lock the bunker, Steve. Don’t come out til we sound the all-clear.

        1. Ike, We need Sen Tapio to address investigate the threat of those left handers. Some try to hide it by using both hands and some try to use their right hand but not very well. Many crimes are committed by those Left handers. You can’t trust them!

          1. My sister is left-handed. She claims that just because she uses “special” scissors, that doesn’t mean she’s attempting to change our culture. BALONEY! Ever accidentally grab lefty scissors? It’s freakin’ torture! And don’t get me started on those golf clubs with the backwards heads.

  5. There is no plausible argument to be made for labeling The Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization, at least according to the relevant legal criteria.
    No one (except extremist Mitchell resident Steve Sibson) argues the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood is ordering members to harm anyone.

    1. I’d say the greater threat are those left handers. I watched a few videos of C-store and Casino robberies and noticed a few were left handed.

    2. Finally we can have a discussion that does not include “all Muslims”, that way I can no longer be considered a racist, bigot, and an Islamophobe.

      So lets us stick with the Muslim Brotherhood as the discussion point, who last month said, for the first time, that the United States is their enemy. Should that be enough to be concerned about the huge foot print that they have in America today?

      1. Or perhaps their stance will change when our Muslim neighbors help vote the fat racist orange baboon out of the s–thole oval office, and we can get back to being a welcoming and inclusive society.

        1. “we can get back to being a welcoming and inclusive society”

          That would require you leaving that society.

    3. In the past Britain, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt have declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group. I guess we should just ignore that because you say so?

  6. Muslim Brotherhood has labeled The Trump Administration an enemy because of their highly controversial moving of USA’s embassy to the holy city of Jews, Christians and Muslims aka BLAME TRUMP!!

  7. Mr. Sibson has a propensity to exaggerate. He claims the Muslim Brotherhood financially supports the terrorist group Hamas. A tiny bit of truth used to prop up a huge lie. The $7 billion to $10 billion that Hamas has received since 1993 has come from the European Union, the U.N., the U.S., Saudi Arabia and other Arab League countries. France alone has sent more than $3 billion.

  8. a nony mous – WRONG!! Only Shi’a Muslims, as the two sects are sworn enemies … not Britain.

  9. The muslim issue is a subset of a larger immigration problem, lets focus on the big issue. Immigration is being gamed in our country to benefit the Democrat party, not to benefit Americans.

    Problems fix themselves when we start following existing laws on the books and bring in people that want to contribute to our country, not fundamentally change it.

    The greatest generation, (which was most of grandparents and great grandparents) came here expecting nothing, but gave everything to defend this country. We need to make sure we are bringing in people like that, it doesn’t matter what color or religion they are.

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