Jackley: Preliminary Autopsy Results Released in Platte Fire

jackleyheader2 Marty JackleyPreliminary Autopsy Results Released in Platte Fire

PIERRE, S.D – Attorney General Marty Jackley announced today the preliminary autopsy results have been released in connection to the house fire that occurred in Platte, S.D. on Thursday, September 17, 2015. Preliminary autopsy reports indicate that cause and manner of death for Nicole, Kailey, Jaeci, Connor and Michael Westerhuis were homicide by shotgun wounds. Cause of death for Scott Westerhuis was shotgun wound with manner of death as suspected suicide based on the current investigation findings.

“We have experienced the tragic loss of an entire family including young children that has affected an entire community. Based on evidence of foul play continuing to be uncovered, law enforcement remains committed to a complete and thorough investigation,” said Jackley.

“We at the Charles Mix County Sheriff’s Office express our deepest sorrow to the families involved and to the Platte community,” said Charles Mix County Sheriff Randy Thaler.

The Charles Mix County Sheriff’s Office and the Division of Criminal Investigation continue their investigation into the circumstances surrounding the manner of death of Scott Westerhuis, including interviews, evidence collection and forensic testing.


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  1. It appears this my all be related to Scott’s job at Mid Central Ed Co-op, where he was business manager and his wife Nicole also worked. They were recently audited by the State and the results weren’t good. Lots of missing $ from federal grants to Indian programs. Melody Schopp informed him that their contract as GEAR UP (Fed program to supposedly help Indian kids go to college) coordinator was terminated as of last Wednesday, and within hours he apparently blew himself and family away. Lots of alleged financial impropriety between the Westerhuises and State Board of Ed member Stacy Phelps, who benefited handsomely. They made themselves agents of business enterprises to receive the federal dough. Also implicated are board members Rick Melmer and Keith Moore (Melmer resigned in July).

  2. More corruption and nepotism in high levels of state government. And like with Benda, the main player is dead. “The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil”.

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