Jamie Smith? C’Mon Man! New Noem Commercial hits Jamie Smith voting record hard.

From Twitter, the Kristi Noem campaign hits back at Jamie Smith’s voting record, and likens him to Joe Biden.

9 thoughts on “Jamie Smith? C’Mon Man! New Noem Commercial hits Jamie Smith voting record hard.”

  1. If he said “Biden represents the best of America” then he isn’t smart enough to be our governor.

    1. She also thinks Hershel Walker represents the best of America and that he should be a US senator. Last I checked holding a gun to your wife’s head while she holds your son an threatening to blow her brains out is not the best of America.

      Hey PP, if he did that to your daughters would you support him for the senate? Cause your friend Thune is…

  2. I’d rather have Norm as Governor than the dizzy blond bartender in love with Ted Danson. Remember, Norm delivered the wiserdom, “Women. You can’t live with ’em and you can’t live with’em.”

  3. Joe Biden’s son got special favors. Nepotism! Kristi Noem needs to point this out. And then… compare Biden to Jamie Smith.

    1. Lest we could ever forget how she hired her kids for lucrative and cushy State gigs, even caused a scandal going to bat for one because she was not qualified for licensure. Yet she falls all over herself for her dear leader who’s all about favors for his own family.

  4. As opposed to those who actually do and then lie about it and their wife actually attacks the victim…..you know bill and hillary?

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