Joe Sneve new Argus Leader political reporter.

Sioux Falls Argus Leader reporter Joe Sneve announced today via Facebook that he “formally accepted a job offer today as the Argus Leader’s primary South Dakota politics reporter.”

Congratulations to Joe, I’m sure he’ll write things we agree with, and things that we don’t.

My only question is.. does that mean after a few years of doing the job, he’ll announce he’s moving to Minnesota, like the last 3 Argus political reporters?  (It just seems there’s a trend.)

6 thoughts on “Joe Sneve new Argus Leader political reporter.”

  1. Joe seemed to report fairly on city government. No reason to expect that won’t continue. And he seems to have a sense of humor as well.

  2. Nah, Joe won’t go anywhere. For once the Argus has made a decent hire in political coverage: he’s local, he knows what he’s doing and he’s pretty fair in his coverage.

  3. Can’t promise I’ll be in South Dakota forever, but I don’t anticipate leaving my home state anytime soon. The last three folks who held the position were from out of state, and at least the last two were Minnesota natives. It’s natural to want to go home.

    I look forward to covering state government diligently and fairly. News tips welcome at [email protected]

    Thanks for the kind words, Pat and commenters. Go Quarriers! 😉

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