John Cunningham in race for SDDP Chair, ran in 2019 unsuccessfully.

From Austin Goss at Dakota News Now, former Democrat Treasurer candidate John Cunningham has announced that he is apparently willing to accept being tagged as “it” by Randy Seiler in the South Dakota Democrat chairmanship contest:

Anyone aware of other candidates in this contest at the moment?

Cunningham had ran for the chairmanship previously, in 2019, where he was unsuccessful against Paula Hawks, receiving 12% of the vote at the time.  (With Hawks later running far away and fast when she figured out how bad things were. )

In the 2022 election for South Dakota Treasurer, Cunningham lost to Josh Haeder on a 2-1 basis 67.7% to 32.3%, which is not really demonstrative of the ability to generate efforts that might post a threat to Republican dominance in the state.

So… good for him. I hope he gets it.

7 thoughts on “John Cunningham in race for SDDP Chair, ran in 2019 unsuccessfully.”

  1. Jamie Smith would be wise to get in and take over. Get some energy into the party.

    Jason Frerichs
    Kelsey Sutton

    Any current legislator.

  2. if sddp ever decided to court voters based on what voter majorities tend to want, rather than choose to scold them into submission, there might be interesting two party politics in this state. watching a splinter group constantly work to disembowel its parent gop is getting old.

  3. Doubt the party will ever recover. Many volunteers we know moved out of state or those that stayed do as the SD Department of Propaganda encourages which is eat, sleep and work. Repeat. Eat, sleep and work. Repeat. Eat, sleep and work. Comply!

    Some just get blazed and stay blazed now that they have their legal Cannabis.

  4. The SDDP needs to have a winner run for chair. All they’ve had is losers run the party. Don’t they have any successful candidates to lead the party?

    1. what a cheap shot. following this young man from his start to where he is now, he has done nothing but improve and master reliable news reporting.

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