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    1. Can she win a general with $0?

      I mean do the dems have any person who can run a strong campaign?

    1. Yep.

      Barnett had many self inflicted wounds. In years past he’d have been fine but not after 2020.

      And this is now a toss up race if dems find good candidate.

      1. Yes, it looks like the parting of the Red Sea, but can the RINOs get across before the Trumpsters show-up?

  1. Barnett gets crushed…. Maybe all those people that listen to the so called “my pillow guy” have more sanity and power than what this blog author has given credit to.

    1. Exactly! If anyone can’t admit the 2020 election was a complete fraud by now it’s because they refuse to be honest with their readers and push the same BS one liners their favorite RINOs push… Thune and Dusty and Rounds are either incompetent or liars by saying the 2020 election was free and fair. Anyone still spouting such BS cannot be trusted. I know for a fact SD elections have serious issues. The voter rolls are riddled with out of state voters and homes have people registered to vote at their address when they haven’t lived there for 10+ years. We’ve canvassed for hours and we’ve contacted absentee voter registrants and believe me they are all more than willing to tell you they should NOT be registered to vote in South Dakota and have been voting in other states for years. Barnett was a horrible SOS. Good riddance to those who allow our elections to be riddled with fraudulent voter rolls used for “voters” who magically vote via absentee ballots. He also gave us drop boxes until we had to fight to get our two largest counties to remove them. Drop boxes + mail ballots + inaccurate voter rolls = ideal scenario for election fraud. Thune needs to go, Rounds needs to go and Dusty is an outright embarrassment. He may be a nice guy- great! Who cares?! Just because you’re a nice guy doesn’t make you a leader or competent in representing an entire state in congress. He is a weak Rino, just like Thune. Apparently Senator Thune doesn’t care what SD residents and our Constitution says about US Congressional term limits for Senators and Representatives. That’s right- the SD Constitution set term limits for US senators and US House of Representatives, but Thune doesn’t care that he is 2 terms beyond the term limits WE ALL VOTED FOR (TWICE!) with 67% of voters voting in favor of it! SD Constitution limits a U.S. Senator to 2 terms in office, Thune is running for his FOURTH term. Not to mention he was in the US house of reps for SIX YEARS prior to that! Thune has been in congress since the 1990s for crying out loud. What a loser.

      1. Still trying to figure out your SD political system so please, can anyone tell me WHY Thune…or anyone for that matter…is allowed to even be on the ballot if the state constitution specifically states that only two US senate terms are allowed? Wouldn’t that be the responsibility of the candidate to know his or her term limits at the least; the duty of the Secretary of State, at the most, to invalidate the paperwork for the office if the incumbent will be beyond the two-term limit? Is that why the current SoS lost…because he did not enforce term limits by rejecting the candidacy?

        1. U.S.Term Limits, Inc. v. Thornton. U.S. Supreme Court case ruled only Constitutional amendment could impose terms limits on members of Congress.

        1. In 2013 the name of Jonathan Gruber came to light. He is an MIT economist who created ‘Romneycare’ in Massachusetts and was involved in the creation of ‘Obamacare’. While discussing ‘Obamacare’ at a health forum in 2013, he stated, “This bill was written in a tortured way to make sure CBO did not score the mandate as taxes. Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage and basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically that was really, really critical to getting the thing to pass”.
          So I cannot answer for all South Dakota voters since only 32% or so of them bothered to get off their lazy asses to perform their Constitutional RIGHT to vote in this primary, but apparently Gruber thought so back then and expressed it. There are several written references and videos to this if you search Gruber. American voters or similar.

          1. CORRECTION: The “lazy asses” reference was to the 68% who didn’t bother to vote and their votes COULD have made a difference in their candidates winning or losing!! My apologies to the 32% who did vote!!!

  2. This goes to show…never underestimate an opponent. If you don’t take them seriously, it will show and it will cost you.

  3. SD is the biggest loser in this contest. She will be a fraction of the SOS Barnett was.

        1. Ms. Monae will prove to be incompetent. Mark down grudznick’s words and hear them later.

          1. From her own remarks, most of her service in the SoS office was filing and paper shuffling.

            SD lost on this one.

      1. The extremists hijacked the convention. Barnett crushes Monae 70-30 on a June 7 primary ballot and Lindell and Trump can hand count the paper ballots.

        1. Haaugard got 44

          Monae got 61, so 17% difference.

          By pure math a significant number of people supporting Rhoden at 56 supported Monae.

          Steve Barnett was not a good candidate at only 39% the lowest vote total of the day

  4. Gonna be a lot of lawsuits directed at the SOS Office in the near future, I see.

  5. Monae ran a hard campaign, engaged with her delegates and tapped into voter concerns. A lot of sour grapes on this page….many underestimated the informed voters of SD.

    1. *misinformed. These are the same delegates that attempted to revoke the endorsement of the party from the Republican nominees that voted won their respective primaries.

      1. well maybe if you identified yourself she would


        maybe reach out to her, she is your and every Republicans SOS candidate

        She was in many places…I did not hear from all candidates, but I did seek them out and talked to them.

    2. I heard later that she had told anyone who was listening that Barnett was in favor of online voting. He said he wasn’t. Can anyone confirm either way? If she won on that staple comment and it wasn’t true, that is much too unethical for a SOS… (ok, for anyone) Just figured someone on here would/should know for certain.

      1. These are the facts I know—

        There was a newspaper article (either Viborg or Brookings I saw it can’t remember which specific town) saying Barnett was for online voting from like a year ago and Barnett came out the week of the convention saying he was not and that the article was wrong.

        Barnett was openly for online voter registration

        In 2018, the AG candidates had forums, I would have liked to have seen that for sec of state and AG race both. Neither seemed to be about issues. Just popularity contests.

        Hope that helps.

      2. He is in favor of online voter registration- just like 40+ other states have – NOT online voting.

    3. Engaged with her delegates? She’s Dave Roetman’s puppet. He recruited the vast majority of her supporters. Mark my words, he will be in the SOS office if she wins the general.

  6. Is she a true dyed-in-the-wool Trumper? Please tell me that she is not.

    1. She’s a Drew Dennert backed candidate.

      No one knows who she is. Randolph Seiler, here is your chance.

      1. Great! Welcome to Crazy in the SD Sec of State’s office if it goes uncontested in the general. No conspiracy enthusiast Libertarians should be elected either.

  7. What a sad day for South Dakota. If she wins in November, it will set us back 70+ years. South Dakota has one of the highest regarded election systems in the nation. Election integrity is just a buzz word for let’s go back to the 1950s way of doing things. Online voter registration (not voting) works in more than 40 states and saves tons of money. Yes, we need to continue to have photo ID, yes we need to continue to check and regularly purge the voter roles. Yet, SD GOP just sent us back to the stone ages (if she wins). SDSOS office better throw out all of their computers, since you don’t want get hacked now. I predict, if she wins, she will need to ask the legislature for more funding for many more paper pushing staffers. Geez!

    1. The legislature both the house and the senate have rejected online registration, don’t blame Monae as she is not even elected or in office yet.

      1. I’m not blaming anyone, yet. I just don’t think it is productive to pander to the fears of the ultra-right wing of the party (i.e. election fraud, etc.) when there is no evidence whatsoever that South Dakota’s elections have been compromised. The SDSOS staff have done a great job to ensure our elections are fair and with little to no hiccups. The legislature is full of those who are reluctant to even turn a computer on let alone believe in the “science” of online voter registration. Its a no brainer, yet when you hear of some isolated incident that happened 10 years ago in some far off state, legislators cry wolf. South Dakota always seems to be 10-20 years behind the curve on most innovations. Time for the SDSOS office to break out the mimeograph and microfiche machines! (Even Pat remembers those!)

        1. This is laughable to hear people say we didn’t have fraud in SD. At this point, those who “think” there wasn’t fraud have it on them to PROVE there wasn’t.

  8. I am laughing that some here say Monae Johnson dies not have a chance in general as she has no name ID.

    61% of delegates knew her.

    Second the Democtats don’t have a candidate yet and won’t fir a couple more weeks….if ever.

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