20 thoughts on “And the Republican Attorney General Nominee is Marty Jackley.”

      1. the nominating speeches consisted of reasons-to-not-vote-for-Jackley. Didn’t hear much in the way of reasons to vote for Natvig..

  1. Anyone else hear that San Francisco’s recalled SA Chesa Boudin may want to enter the AG race on the Dem’s ticket? He may INTEND to move to a liberal county in this state

  2. Jackley won, congratulations to him.

    But a relatively unknown in 6 weeks got 47%….lot of Anti-Jackley sentiment yet int he party.

    I just hope he actually is AG and not running for Governor the entire time.

  3. Congratulations to Marty, but 52% is nothing to write home about.

    47% for a complete unknown 6 weeks ago is impressive.

    I do think there is a lot of anti-Marty sentiment out there.

    I just hopes he is AG, not running for Governor the whole time

    1. No, this is a convention fight, and it’s easier for the Haugard group to pack the convention than it is for them to get over 30% in a general.

    2. Actually, I believe Natvig got more singular votes than Jackley. It was the weighted voting that tipped it to Jackley.

  4. Ravnsberg looks a little less delusional rolling the dice looking for a Senate acquittal. He understood how much these convention delegates are willing to just burn it all down. Seeing how Natvig was willing to mislead impeachment investigators, it’s pretty clear he would have stepped aside for Ravnsberg at the convention.

  5. In the fall, will we see another campaign ad about his high school track shorts?

      1. You guys should have nominated Jason again. You know darn right you are going to nominate Trump again even after his DC and Georgia indictments.

  6. Hahaha, how delusional of me to think that an election would quell delusional thinking. What this convention showed, in the Barnett race, the Jackley race, and the Rhoden race, is that there two wings of the Republican party. The relatively Normal law abiding peoples wing, and the January Sixers, who may rightly be called the Wing Nuts. How do we know that? NO ONE was mad at Rhoden, yet plenty voted for Haugaard because why? Kristi is too liberal. She did not storm the Capitol. She is not carrying an AR on a sling.

    Never thought I would see the day when the FAR right would attack the SERIOUSLY right. And THAT is what these vote counts tell us.

  7. grudznick wonders now where the ‘Vig will land. He’s inept, no doubt, but will some Haugaardian hire him in a mundane job? Will Ms. Taffy hire him to run one of her rental storage garages?

  8. Wow that was way too close!! Something tells me the patients are overtaking the asylum.

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