Well.. systems crash happened.

The visual display of the vote tallies for the Natvig/Jackley Attorney General race crashed after Meade county results were input.

So we are all at ease while they get the system up and running again.

Why do I think Julie Frye Mueller and Taffy Howard are calling the Pillow guy?

15 thoughts on “Well.. systems crash happened.”

  1. You do know they’re both married, right? Why don’t you spice up your posts with some color – like Maxine Waters or AOC or Ilhan Omar?

    1. 2020 was pretty lame .. there is just no denying that South Dakota has a voting problem like Steve Martin has a drinking problem. 😀

      Also, by the by

  2. Actually, all of you Republicans have called the pillow guy since you have all been Trump enablers over the past few years.

    1. Proud to be a Trump enabler. Maybe you haven’t noticed our country being destroyed since the day Obiden took office illegitimately, but I have and I’m grateful for being informed and aware of the absolute chaos and destruction democrats and RiNOS wreak on our nation. The left are full of immoral and faithless evil minions so yes, I’m proud to be on the side of President Trump and America First Americans fighting for the future of this nation. We are one nation under GOD, not Satan. You should pick up a Bible and consider learning how to read.

      1. Why do you love Putin so much? I don’t think he’s good for America and freedom.

        1. I read “AmericaFirst’s” post a couple of times and nowhere did I see any mention of Putin. Did anyone else?

    2. I didn’t know that “Very Stable Genius” is the new term for “Horse’s A$$” but it sounds good to me

          1. Posting anonymously reduces content quality .. it’s like trying to rub-out a dent. You’ll take yourself more seriously by signing your name, and the general quality of content will improve.

            I guarantee it.

            Also, I’m buying 5 MyPillows because they are a good product. I mean my God .. have you tried one?

  3. Three cameras on the count (at least).

    It was a funny moment, because we all knew our convention was not the invasion beach head.

    These votes were earned the old fashioned way – influence, coercion, persuasion, and likely some other methods.

    Long term I prefer persuasion because it gives time to research details and consider alternatives for feasibility while keeping things civil and straightforward.

    1. alcohol in the hospitality suites is still very popular but I’m waiting for Toklas Brownies

  4. The same pillow guy famously photographed wearing matching jumpers with Noem? That one?

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