Karla Lems, the kingmaker. District 16 House candidate dumps 20k into Kevin Jensen’s PAC to influence election.

In the last few weeks, State Representative Kevin Jensen filed a fairly new political action committee called “Keep South Dakota Red,” with the mission of “Assist candidates supporting the Republican party platform.”  That’s all well and good, despite the platform being a fluid document that can change at any time.

And today their filing was put up, which shows how much Jensen’s political action committee wants to be a political player:

Keep SD Red Disclosure by Pat Powers on Scribd

The Political Action Committee noted donations to a number of candidates, including Schoenbeck Senate opponent Colin Paulsen, Gubernatorial wannabe Steve Haugaard, and Doug Post for District 7.

So, who is backing this true red political action group?  Well, just 3 entities. And, it might be three entities, but two are directly connected to one person.

Bill Metz of Dakota Dunes donated 5k, Pederson Ag, and Homestead Harvest each donated 10k.  While Pederson Ag and Homestead Harvest are individual entities, they both share one person as registered agent – Karla Lems.

You’ve got to have a lot of cash into your businesses to spread $20K at Kevin Jensen to donate to candidates.

This would be the same Karla Lems who was a founding member of the “Primary John Thune” facebook group that started loudly, but ended up only able to produce Bruce Whalen and Mark Mowry as their champions.  And the same Karla Lems who is currently a candidate running to be a District 16 State Representative alongside the PAC Treasurer, Kevin Jensen.

With Karla Lems showering her fellow candidate Kevin Jensen with cash to spend as he will, it kind of leaves the other D16 House candidate – Richard Vasgaard – the odd man out in that D16 House contest.

It makes for interesting politics.

Stay tuned.

17 thoughts on “Karla Lems, the kingmaker. District 16 House candidate dumps 20k into Kevin Jensen’s PAC to influence election.”

  1. Not surprised that there are attempts to combat the spending from “South Dakota Strong”. Definitely warring factions in the GOP, which will make for some interesting aftermath following the primary and once they get into caucus next session

  2. My pillow guy is who they speak to. Kevin Jensen and Karla Lems are fruit cakes. Pro Ravnsborg anti Noem nut jobs. They want to take out Rhoden.

    1. Amazing! Amazing you just make stuff up and live with yourself.

      Just sad.

      1. You just wait and see when she fires up the draft Ravnsborg for Lieutenant Governor page. These people are nutty.

        1. The only people are nutty are the ones spreading that false rumor about rhoden.

  3. Mr Metz is a long time GOP contributor. Went to his house for George Bush fundraiser once. Clearly he is not fringe.

    1. Metz is not but he would he mad to find out how crazy Lems and Jensen are. They are nutty.

      They are Ravnsborg apologists.

  4. Anon 911 you obviously do not know a thing about Kevin Jensen. In 2021 he brought a bill which clarifies the use of force giving more protection to citizens on their personal property from aggressive force by anyone wishing them harm. Meaning your barn or garage or porch etc. Your home on your personal property was the only safe space before this bill was brought by Jensen. Interesting rewinding its life we find it passed the SD House and died in Senate Judiciary. It then was “smoked” out and passed the Senate floor finalized into Law by Governor Noem’s signature. I helped sponsor that bill along with nearly every bill Jensen brought. He is a firearm specialist machine.
    If you want to check it out further go to SD LRC and find the 2021 bills and look for HB 1212 Prime Sponsor Kevin Jensen.

  5. Is this another attack ny progressive Republicans on super conservative, constitional Republicans?

    Either we become the party beholden to the constitution and limited government or we lose the American trust in that constitution..

    So if I call myself a anti-federalist like Patrick Henry, will you attack me to?

    1. Do you ever get tired of playing the victim? A man you support calls for the death of your fellow citizens, and you brush it off as a metaphor. Pat reports on spending and people attempting to sway elections, and you cry about attacks.

      Have you completely lost it? Seriously.

  6. < So if I call myself a anti-federalist like Patrick Henry, will you attack me to?

    Nah, we don't burn, destroy, loot, and damage property like the leftists do.

    1. You just do that to government buildings and try to attack democracy because you are a bunch of sore losers.

        1. The hard part is everybody on here is anonymous without using different handles so it’s hard to know if you’re talking to the same person or not.

          For example I am not one of the original posters in this line of talk.

          Perhaps change it up a little bit and pick a handle

          1. I will always use my real name, and I will always provide you my phone # and Email if you ask me to. I am honest like that. I am a TRUE CONSERVATIVE and dead aginst a Federal Govt that is trannycal. I want the Federal Govt shutdown as soon as possible. At least 75% of that government shutdown.

  7. Who do I support? I have never told anyone who I am voting for. Please do not place words in my mouth sir. I am not going to get into a name calling, finger pointing screaming season. I do. Ot like people talking crap about pwople, especially people running for public office placing their reputstions on the line. I respect anyone who runs for public office. I am a Tru conservative. A Christian. Stop ring a pest. You can’t even use your own name on here.

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