KEVN News has story on 2022 GOP Congressional primary challenge by Taffy Howard against Dusty Johnson

KEVN gave State Representative Taffy Howard the opportunity to state her case on why she should be elected over incumbent Congressman Dusty Johnson. And maybe it’s just me, but she has some work to do:

”The reality is, no one political party has all the right answers every time, no elected official has all the right answers all the time,” Johnson said. “But I’m going to go to work for South Dakotans every day, serve the constitution, and serve our country. That’s what South Dakotan’s expect.”

Howard argues that Johnson doesn’t represent many of the values of everyday South Dakotans.

One example she cites is his position on supposed “election integrity” in the 2020 race and his vote to let Representative Liz Cheney keep her leadership role after she criticized former President Donald Trump.

Read it here.

Um.. the basis for Taffy thinking she should be chosen over Dusty is because she follows the pillow guy’s views on election conspiracies, and because Dusty didn’t punish Liz Cheney?

If you had a poll of the top 10 issues South Dakota Republican voters cared about, election integrity conspiracies don’t make the list unless someone prompts for it.  And not voting to strip Liz Cheney of a leadership role? How does that affect South Dakotans. It doesn’t.

Don’t even look for that in the top 50.  Literally, no one cares.

Taffy is a nice lady, but now that she’s done exploring the race and actually running, it looks like this is going nowhere fast.

3 thoughts on “KEVN News has story on 2022 GOP Congressional primary challenge by Taffy Howard against Dusty Johnson”

  1. Daffy Taffy hasn’t got a real issue that affects South Dakotans. Dusty is way ahead there.

    1. Er… yeah. Sure. I’m sure I could have been brought up to date on everything her campaign isn’t doing, how much they haven’t raised, and how much her consultants are draining her.

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