Kristi for Governor Accepts Debate Invitation from Dakota News Now and KOTA/KEVN

Kristi for Governor Accepts Debate Invitation from Dakota News Now and KOTA/KEVN

PIERRE, SOUTH DAKOTA – Today, the Kristi for Governor campaign accepted an invitation to a gubernatorial debate co-hosted by Dakota News Now and KOTA/KEVN. The debate will take place in Rapid City on September 30, shortly after the opening of early absentee voting. Governor Noem sent a letter to Representative Jamie Smith announcing that she accepted the debate invitation and challenging him to do the same.

“Now that I have accepted the invitation, I challenge you to do the same and await your answer,” Governor Noem wrote in the letter to Representative Smith. “Voters deserve the opportunity to hear from the two of us on a wide variety of issues, especially those on which we do not see eye-to-eye. I look forward to a spirited, fact-driven conversation, and I trust that you hope for the same.”

The debate co-hosted by Dakota News Now and KOTA/KEVN will be the first and final debate that Governor Noem participates in this election cycle.

The letter from Governor Noem to Representative Smith is attached.


22 thoughts on “Kristi for Governor Accepts Debate Invitation from Dakota News Now and KOTA/KEVN”

    1. Maybe she could squeeze a few more debates into her schedule if they’re held in Texas, Florida, and California.

      Maybe she’d let Representative Smith ride along on the state plane.

      Or maybe she’d rather have the plane make a separate trip for each of them.


    1. Ya…it is sort of cowardly for Governor Noem to challenge and unarmed opponent such as Smith.

  1. Smith should be happy she’s doing any debates. She’s so far ahead she wouldn’t need to.

  2. I trust Libertarian candidate Tracey Quint has also received an invitation, as she will be on every ballot that Noem and Smith are on.

      1. Can’t Gideon read? Noem tells Smith, “Voters deserve the opportunity to hear from the TWO of us …” (emphasis added).

        Submit to the dictatress.

    1. Ms. Quint would be a hoot in the debates, but I’m really pulling for Ms. Strand to be able to take on Mr. Rhoden during the Lt. Governor debates.

  3. I’m sure she will mean girl the shi* out of this debate. Create her own facts. Best this, best that. Ian will declare a wipeout . Can’t wait.

    1. And I’m sure the DFP minions will declare the governor got destroyed and CAH will follow up with an obstinate rant with his own made up facts….poor jealous little man.

  4. Wait. What? Would have liked to have heard this kind of enthusiasm when Haugaard wanted to debate.

    1. Libertarians would have ignored Haugaard requesting a debate because he wasn’t a serious candidate.

  5. Smith wants more debates. Will Noem agree or run and hide in Florida, Texas, California?

  6. What is Governor Noem afraid of? Just One? Could it be that all of her claims that have happened while she has been part-time in office has been false?

    1. She is afraid of saying something incredibly stupid that will make her a national joke (Ex. Gerald Ford saying Soviet Union wasn’t in charge of Poland). Less debates = less chance of that happening.

      But this race is over. Only question is how close she gets to topping Daugaard’s margin of victory in 2014.

  7. Governor Noem is not afraid of Smith. She has the election already in the bag before the voters even head to the poll. She masterfully handled that little virus going around. She expertly grew our economy here in the state. She is a staunch supporter of our gun rights. She is a defender of the unborn life. She is a protector of our children from terrible liberal ideology. She is everything right about South Dakota, and Smith, along with all liberals, is everything wrong. So, Smith is lucky to even be on the same television screen as South Dakota’s greatest Governor, and, hopefully, the future Vice President of the United States. God Bless Governor Noem.

    1. Sounds like she shouldn’t have any issue with more debates then. And yet…

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