Kristi for Governor Declines Debate Hosted by SDPB

Kristi for Governor Declines Debate Hosted by SDPB

PIERRE, SOUTH DAKOTA – Today, in response to an inquiry from South Dakota Public Broadcasting (SDPB) regarding why Governor Noem does not plan to participate in their gubernatorial debate, the Kristi for Governor campaign announced that they will not be participating in the debate due to extreme leftist slant from National Public Radio (NPR) and SDPB.

“For years, we have watched as NPR and SDPB both drifted further and further to the left. The final straw was NPR eliminating the annual reading of the Declaration of Independence on the 4th of July,” said Ian Fury, Communications Director for Kristi for Governor. “In the past, Governor Noem has made clear that she will not participate in debates hosted by hyper-partisan organizations or outlets. SDPB has repeatedly promoted the radical effort to re-write American history and cancel our Founding Fathers. As Governor Noem said at Mount Rushmore, ‘To attempt to cancel the Founding generation is an attempt to cancel our own freedoms.’ Governor Noem has participated in this debate in the past, but SDPB’s extreme leftward swing precludes the possibility of a fair debate.”

Earlier this week, the Kristi for Governor campaign accepted a debate invitation from Dakota News Now and KOTA/KEVN, and Governor Noem challenged her Democrat opponent to do the same.

On July 4, 2022, NPR eliminated its annual tradition of reading the Declaration of Independence and replaced it with a discussion on “what equality means.”

SDPB has repeatedly voiced opposition to Governor Noem’s efforts to promote a true and honest teaching of American history. Last year, they brought Marxist professor Ibram X. Kendi on the air to criticize Governor Noem’s efforts. Kendi’s radical teachings reject the basic fabric of American society with statements like “Capitalism is essentially racist.” SDPB did nothing to press him on these claims.


16 thoughts on “Kristi for Governor Declines Debate Hosted by SDPB”

    1. Something we can agree on.

      I believe their funding should be yanked, and we should be sending all audio transmissions asynchronously over copper wire (Podcasting) or short range shielded RF with warning signs (to transmit Podcasts to memory buffers of devices).

  1. Smith should agree to it, invite the libertarian (Quint?), and insist on an empty podium for Noem.

    1. Noem should release an interview on Spearfish City Limits at the same time as that “debate”.

      Or, why not host an asynchronous debate on YouTube with 5 minute back-and-forth?

      Whichever team has the high ground on the issues would most certainly have that demonstrated.

  2. To be fair, no one is stopping anyone from reading the Declaration of Independence whenever or wherever they like. Knock it off with the drama.

    1. To be fair, read Ian’s statement “The final straw was NPR eliminating the annual reading of the Declaration of Independence on the 4th of July.”

      There’s nothing in Ian’s statment about stopping anyone from reading the Delaration. NPR made the decision to break from its tradition of reading the Declaration and instead “examines what equality means,” per NPR’s treeat:

      “This July 4th we break with tradition. Instead of a reading of the Declaration of Independence @NPRinskeep examines what equality means and has meant in this document. Important segment about our past and future…produced by @marcarivers
      and @bgordemer.”

      1. yawn. as if they sat on pins and needles every july 4 waiting for the declaration of independence to be read.

        NPR can do whatever they want and instead complaining about it Noem and Ian can start their own traditions. There are more pressing issues at hand.

  3. Maybe she was concerned that Candy Crowly was going to be the moderator and help Mr. Smith with the answers?
    Just askin’!
    I’ve believed that NPR and the like –no matter what the political leanings — should NOT be funded by taxpayers’ dollars. If the listeners like the station, then the listeners should pay for it.

  4. Standard front runner/incumbent tactic (limiting debates, not bashing news outlets).

    But also, good for SDPB for saying they’ll go ahead with the event and leave an empty chair for Noem.

  5. To be fair, SDPB funding should be yanked and let the lefties pay for it. However, to be fair, leave an empty chair as no one watches SDPB except lefty ideologues who already made up their minds.

  6. This is just another Republikan announcing refusal to participate in a debate format. She’s emulating 45 and his whipped RNC who are refusing to participate in any debates put on by the Commission on Presidential Debates.

    1. Or maybe she should just hide in her basement like mumblin-stumblin oatmeal brains did?

  7. Good for Governor Noem. I too am baffled why taxpayer dollars support the liberal espousing of PBS. SDPB needs to go back to focusing on SD news and the positives of our great state!

  8. Two little minor points – first, the in-state reporters for SDPB are very good at their jobs, and they generate a good deal of topical material that wouldn’t be covered in any other way by anyone else. Second, probably the best national news anchor working today is Judy Woodruff on PBS News Hour, which started life as the MacNeil Lehrer report. Nobody on tv today is better at bringing forth both sides of every story.

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