Legislation to prescribe horse & sheep dewormer as treatment for COVID moves ahead in the House.

The State House of Representatives continues to be caught up in “Facebook medicine” as they passed a measure yesterday to specify physicians could prescribe the de-worming medication Ivermectin to treat the viral infection we’ve come to know and loathe as COVID:

Lawmakers in the House of Representatives passed a bill specifying that the drug could be legally prescribed in the state. The bill was despite the largely held opinion of the medical community that ivermectin is not an appropriate drug to treat COVID-19.

The bill, House Bill 1267 , is largely a symbolic bill akin to a resolution, as the drug approved by the FDA to fight intestinal worms can already be prescribed by doctors in the state.

But a vocal supporter, Rep. Taffy Howard, R-Rapid City, cast the bill as a medical freedom option that reaffirms doctors who she believes are hesitant to treat COVID-19 with ivermectin because of a negative stigma or fear or retribution from the medical community or hospital administrators.


Unlike the bill that passed out of the House Health and Human Services Committee last week, the version of HB 1267 that received a 40-28 vote on Monday was amended to still require a doctor’s prescription.

Read the entire story here.

Anecdotally, I did hear that one legislator who voted yes remarked that it wasn’t their business if people were insistent that they wanted to poison themselves.  Which, if you look at it in that vein, I would concede, as if someone is dead set to treat themselves with essential oils, sheep dewormer, etcetera, that sometimes you can’t save people from their own folly.

Maybe now is an appropriate time to note a good reminder of actual science; that getting vaccinated against COVID can actually help protect against getting COVID in the first place.

And if you insist on using veterinary medicine… well, at least you know you won’t have worms.

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  1. I would only comment that no Democrat would ever support this. This is a state that still has the
    Hydroxychloriquine it ordered.
    At one time it was reported that they returned it
    but had to backtrack. Did we purchase it?
    Oklahoma got a refund on their purchase.
    Rub some dirt on it!

  2. A quick inspection of Google and other search engines shows the true nature of the Internet kills switch installed under Obama.

    XSLT and other transformation technologies are used to intercept and modify content in transit (and over time).

    When the first level of the switch is activated, it is a filter, not a “kill” switch exactly.

    You see this with Hydroxy, Ivermec, Joe Rogan, Ali Alexander, Alex Jones, etc.

    The Internet is being used to decertify the truth.

    Once everyone started relying on The Internet for information instead of genius humans like Malone and others, it became possible to do what we see illustrated so eloquently in the book 1984.

    But it is a sign of desperation that these thought police didn’t leave in at least some sparse opposition. Any level headed person would look at the search engine results for the queries above and think, “wow, judge a man by his enemies.”

    Bruce Whalen won’t be feckless against Big Tech, and he has multiple people on his team who understand this, and who will help keep Bruce targeted, in addition to informing the compassionate groups supporting him of the true fallout of what appear to be good and noble things (like pharma driven social engineering facilitated by big tech consensus manufacturing around falsehoods).

    1. Where are the medical studies to back this up? Why hasn’t any reputable medical journal posted about the benefits for these drugs as treatment for COVID-19? Or do you only believe in anecdotes because you didn’t do well with common core, evidence based science classes in public schools?

      I’ll wait.

    2. Hate to say this but Mr. Dales would fit right in with our legislature. Mr. Dales have you considered running for the state house or senate?

  3. “remarked that it wasn’t their business if people were insistent that they wanted to poison themselves”

    And yet I’m guessing this person was against cannabis legalization even though that is not a poison. Are we for individual rights or not?

  4. During committee remarks, Rep. Kaleb/Kayla Weis, R-Aberdeen, doubled-down on skepticism about the medical community’s attempts to dissuade people from self-medicating with ivermectin.

    “It makes me really question the quality and un-biased-ness of our clinical trials,” said Weis, “which, unfortunately, then makes me question our medical profession in general”

  5. I recently had a used car salesman tell me he stopped to see his vet and picked up some horse de-wormer after he got COVID and gave some to his girfriend too. He didn’t look very healthy and appeared to suffer brain fog when negotiating. I made sure he kept a healthy distance from us.

  6. it’s a bit odd that this came up because Ivermectin has already been approved for use in humans, just not for Covid, and with this it will still require a physician’s prescription, so the bill doesn’t actually change anything..
    It’s just grandstanding and buffoonery

    It’s still unlikely the doctors are going to prescribe it for covid. This will result in confusion when their patients are told “no.”

    The doctors can always insist on a stool sample to be tested for ova and parasites first, though. That will take a day or two. Maybe by the time the results are back from the O&P they’ll be feeling better.

  7. Always wanting freedom. Until you disagree with it. We can all wait for your articles on horse bacteria killer (amoxicillin), sheep chiller (prozac), pig pain be gone (tramadol), and bovine glucose stabilizer (insulin). All prescription drugs, along with many more, that are regularly used both in animals and humans. And then there is rogain, viagra, and a plethora of other prescription drugs that were not made for their current use. Not to mention how regularly things are prescribed for “off label” use. But hey, leaving the discussion and decision between a doctor and patient clearly shouldnt happen. I must have missed in the bill where it is forcing people to take ivermectin.

    (Pat this next part is not directed at you.) I also find it funny that many of the same people who are staunchly against this bill are the same ones that want medical marijuana for every ailment under the sun. The drug that has, at least some form of, FDA approval – no way. The drug that is federally illegal and zero FDA approval – smoke it up.

  8. Being vaccinated does not keep you from getting covid. Maybe it lessens rhe symptoms, maybe not. But it does not prevent it. My hubby, myself, and many others i know have been vaccinated and still got covid.

    And my question is why have congress, other certain branches of government not been mandated to get the vaccine? Why is the southern border open and not mandating vaccine for every illegal entering the country? Makes me question the mandate and the opposition to other types of treatment that also work.

    1. Did anyone tell you that you could not get Covid if you were vaccinated? Anyone? Ever?

      For most of the last year, you were 5 times less likely to get Covid and about 13 times less likely to die when vaccinated. You say “maybe it lessens the symptoms”? Maybe?

  9. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/discovery-of-new-hiv-variant-sends-warning-for-covid-pandemic/

    The conclusion of this article explains how the virus, “depends for its existence on reinfecting people who were infected the year before.”

    It will mutate to get around both vaccine-induced and naturally acquired immunity, and it could very well mutate into a more lethal form.

    Just as we see in influenza, which is also a rapidly mutating RNA virus, people who were vaccinated will not get as sick as the people who weren’t.

  10. anonymous at 11:20

    the studies to look for will be found under titles about macrolides and covid.
    Macrolides are Macrocyclic Lactones.

    The use of different macrolides as treatment for Covid has been promising.

    Ivermectin is a macrolide. Azithromycin (Zpack), Erythromycin, and Clarithromycin (Biaxin) are also all macrolides.

    There are plenty of studies of how macrolides work for Covid.
    But you don’t have to go to Runnings and try to figure out how much Ivermectin to dose yourself with, you can go to your doctor and get a prescription for Zithromax. It’ll work the same way.

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