Legislator represents conspiracy theory e-mail as coming from House of Representatives. Residency conspiracy dog still isn’t going to hunt.

From my e-mail box, a reader (and GOP delegate from far east river) asks me… “why am I getting this?” in reference to a conspiracy laden e-mail from State Representative Julie Frye – Mueller, supposedly using her official State e-mail account:

I’ve redacted quite a bit of the overly long e-mail, because that’s about all their “evidence” is worth.

Regardless, it’s questionable why Representative Julie Frye-Mueller would represent this e-mail directed out to a Republican Convention delegate as being an e-mail from “the South Dakota House of Representatives,” when it most certainly is not.  (The last I knew, the House of Representatives doesn’t send out blast e-mails with Mailchimp either.)

As in the prior Mail Chimp blasted e-mail from the previous fake group “Native Integrity” pushing this silliness, this e-mail blast is filled with similar bullshit and fakery, first and foremost that people have been ignoring “this growing scandal “months,” when in fact, it hasn’t really been 30 days since the manufactured charges started churning.”

The problem is that for all the “sturm und drang” that proponents such as Shad Olson and Jordan Mason have attempted to manufacture by proving that people may have rented or owned property in another state, they really haven’t proven anything regarding actual residency being established elsewhere.  (In a quick glance of voter records I’ve reviewed, there’s ample evidence that both legislators-elect established residency and have voted in South Dakota from 2016 forward.)

To date, I haven’t seen anyone come forward with substantive residency information that they’d voted in another state since registering in SD in 2016. In fact, I believe the opposite is true, where there’s evidence of employment in South Dakota during that time in question.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy hindering the progress and parrying Democrats at every turn. But I’ve also been around long enough that you can generally tell when a dog isn’t going to hunt.

No matter how many e-mail blasts people send, this dog was lame and suffering from mange before someone placed it in the truck. Absent any significant evidence, that’s where it’s going to stay.