Little or no movement forward by Special Investigative Committee on Impeachment, House Speaker blames frivolous lawsuits.

Dakota News Now has a story on the Special Investigative Committee on Impeachment which was formed by the State House of Representatives to review whether there was any basis to impeach Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg as a result of a traffic accident where Joseph Boever was killed in September of 2020.

And apparently in doing things such as seeking open government and disclosure, the media is being blamed by the Speaker of the House for the committee’s lack of forward momentum:

It has been a month since the South Dakota State House convened to create a committee to consider the impeachment of Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg.


Speaker of the House Spencer Gosch (R-Glenham), who heads the committee, says that part of the reason for the delay is because of a number of lawsuits, or threats of lawsuits, that he and the Legislative Research Council (LRC) have faced.

“In the process of finding special counsel we have run into a few hiccups,” Gosch said. “Whether that be frivolous lawsuits from certain media entities, that takes up a ton of our time, or just threats thereof. Ultimately, we have run into other hiccups too. We are still on the right path and will have more updates as they come.”

Read the entire story here.

They’d have had that all figured out if it wasn’t for those meddling kids in the media?

I’m sure they would.

14 thoughts on “Little or no movement forward by Special Investigative Committee on Impeachment, House Speaker blames frivolous lawsuits.”

  1. Now this is news, they are using something other than ‘the evil dems” as an excuse for not getting something done!? Did they realize us South Dakotan’s are not as stupid as they think and and there are only like 8 elected democrats that can’t possibly cause all the problems we continue to be confronted with?

  2. They are being buried under FOIA requests, simple as that. Media outlets are trying to ascertain the quantity of toilet paper used in the state house, and who is clogging up the plumbing.
    Any day now somebody will publish a report on who is taking the biggest dump. Because the public has a right to know.

  3. He’s stalling for time. He thinks if he drags this out long enough it will become moot. The fact that they haven’t had a meeting since the special session (except for a short meeting immediately after) is just a joke.

    His excuse doesn’t make any sense – we’ve been sued. Why is that taking any time? You hire a lawyer or use an LRC or AG lawyer to respond. It’s a nonsensical excuse.

  4. There is no enthusiasm for impeachment plain and simple. Why because there is nothing impeachable here.

    1. Agreed, this is the reason why the impeachment is not moving forward. Everyone I have talked to, neighbors, coworkers, etc don’t think the AG did anything impeachable. Drop the impeachment lead charge by Noem and be done with the matter. More important things to do.

  5. Jason called the legislature’s bluff, and now they look pretty silly.

    Fortunately Jason’s career toast even without impeachment. Marty is going to clean his clock.

  6. I think Lee Schoenbeck’s actions in releasing the names of the house members will only drive a larger wedge between the two houses and it should make quite an interesting session of division between the two houses this session on this issue and many others.

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