“Longtime” Republican state legislator Lee Schoenbeck interviewed by Argus live at 3

I saw the blurb at ArgusLeader.com – “Longtime Republican state legislator Lee Schoenbeck joins city columnist Stu Whitney for #SuFuStu at 3 p.m.”

Long-time?  Are they trying to intimate he’s getting a little long on the tooth? 🙂  I’m not sure that’s entirely accurate. Actually, if you look at his service, there are people with far more years in than he:


It might just seem that way, having been there twice before his current term. And considering his visibility having risen to the highest position in the Senate during his last term, which is fairly high up in the line of succession to the Governor in line behind the Lt. Governor & Speaker of the House.

Most people, including myself, expected and encouraged Lee to run for Governor in the 2010 race after that term, but he demurred to spend more time with his family that he would have otherwise been deprived of on the campaign trail. If I recall, his first sojourn was to golf every course in the state with his son. It’s a tough job, but someone has to climb that mountain.

But with kids off in college, Lee is back in the political game. And you never know when he might feel that itch to run for higher office again.  Which makes today’s show, which you can click here to watch, a must-see podcast.

(No pressure Lee!)

6 thoughts on ““Longtime” Republican state legislator Lee Schoenbeck interviewed by Argus live at 3”

  1. I’d like to see Lee consider running for Majority Leader in the House in 2016. Right now the legislature lacks a vision.

    1. That’s right. When was the last time the legislature actually had what you could consider vision?

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  3. Lee was spot on about one of the crazies and a total nut job Larry Kurtz involved in the SD Democrat Party. Looking forward to them getting utterly crushed in 2016.

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