Looks like the most liberal man in SD is going to saddle up for another beating….

From facebook on September 30th, District 22 Democrats have an interesting picture on display from the NSU homecoming last weekend…


It looks suspiciously like Cory Heidelberger, the most liberal man in South Dakota, is saddling up for another beating, as at the NSU Gypsy Days Parade, he has people carting around a wagon with his used campaign State Senate signs in it from the 2016 election where Al Novstrup beat him six ways to Sunday.

(If he isn’t running, then someone should break it to him gently that he lost).


Update – I just had a correspondent in Aberdeen tell me that they heard that Heidelberger’s 2016 running mates Brooks Brisco and “F*** Northern”…. er, Nikki Bootz who only says “F*** Northern” is going to be back for another round of campaigning in 2018.

I can’t wait.

11 thoughts on “Looks like the most liberal man in SD is going to saddle up for another beating….”

  1. In South Dakota the Dems are the do-nothing party but Heidelberger and Hubbel run for office because it’s good for their businesses. It’d be funny it it weren’t so pathetic.

  2. A little over a decade ago Brown County was Daschle country. What the heck happened? Dems are extinct and Republicans are right wingers.

    1. Brown County was a Democratic Powerhouse in the state.

      Brooks Briscoe has an impressive resume in business and he had no time to campaign at all and hardly spent any money in the last election but it looks like he will have the time to campaign and really go at it this time around. He is a well known Aberdonian and a great guy.

      I will say Cory Heidelberger definitely energizes people but mainly from what it seems that he tries to offend as many people as possible so I expect the same result ending in crushing defeat. Will the defeat be greater this time? It would be great to see Cory have a primary challenger.

      1. You know Cory may try something different campaigning this time in attempt to win. He may try to bring in from out of state some of the past and present DFP regulars Larry, Moe and Curly this time for that extra edge in seeking Victory.. Not sure what role Porter would be. 🙂

  3. What did the GOP ever do to deserve such a powerful ally as Cory? It is conceivable within 5 years the party registration of Brown County will look like Butte County. He could turn the Sioux Falls District 15 Red in under 5 years.

    The guy can make things happen. He has nearly taken the SDDP into total irrelevance. Let’s give him a great big round of applause!!!!

    1. Troy,

      Star Trek the later series had Section 31 as their black ops that was hush hush.

      SDGOP must have Section 32 although not publically acknowledged I suspect Cory is on the payroll? Cash of course.

      SDDP along with Take It Back.org and Living Blue “Portland” Style in South Dakota are quickly descending into fringe status in South Dakota.

  4. I believe Cory is setting his sights too low. The guy running for governor for the Dems is not nearly liberal enough. Cory should be running for governor!

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