Marty Jackley talks about what he would do if elected

Bob Mercer is continuing his interviews with the candidates, and spoke with Marty Jackley at the State Fair about what he would do if he was elected Governor:

What he would feature as governor in his first legislative package: Jackley has many ideas. One is asking the Legislature to create an outdoors habitat stamp that people could purchase.

The stamp would be voluntary, he said, making unnecessary two-thirds majority votes in the Senate and the House of Representatives. He said sportsmen groups want the money to be earmarked for a non-government organization that would buy property access.

He plans to ask the Legislature for new approaches to economic development, such as changes to the Future Fund and greater emphasis on value-added agriculture, including having his secretary of agriculture work closely with his commissioner of economic development.

His administration would emphasize expansion of local businesses as “equally important” to recruiting

Jackley said he intends to assemble teams to look into specific topics. One is pheasant hunting. Another is school finance.

He wants to be fair to all sizes of school districts. “I am more of an incentive-based person,” he said.

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    1. Lee, why would you NOT support Kristi Noem? I would think that it would be very beneficial for Webster and Watertown and their constituents to have the Governor of South Dakota from your area. Who would be better to understand your ‘regional issues’ than the local lady?

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