Mercer takes a ride on the Hubbel-craft, and we hear what she would do to us if elected.

Bob Mercer. Lora Hubbel. Interview.

What else can you say about those words? It’s in the Capitol Journal today, and comes across as a disjointed stream of consciousness. Which might be a good description of the Hubbel Campaign:

Hubbel told a story about a weak apple tree in her yard. She tried to get better apples. Finally she cut it down and planted a new tree. Now she has good apples.

She thinks that should happen in South Dakota’s Republican Party. Cut down the corrupt tree, with its bad fruit of EB-5 and GEAR UP, and plant new, she said.


One of her ideas is to pay legislators in proportion to how much they work. She wants federal money removed from state government’s budget.

“I have to knock a few walls down,” she said. She added, “If I could just control my mouth.”


How she’s raising money: “I haven’t even started yet,” Hubbel said. She planned to “flip” three re-possessed houses she bought and use the proceeds as seed money. But that hasn’t worked out.

She showed photos on her phone of one place, its rooms crammed with empty plastic bottles, including the spot where the former resident slept atop them. She’s been busy cleaning the mess.

Read it here.

8 thoughts on “Mercer takes a ride on the Hubbel-craft, and we hear what she would do to us if elected.”

  1. You guys throw garbage out using fake names without any facts. Can’t even answer my questions. Typical leftists. I watched some videos on people caring signs calling Trump every name in the book….insane, racists, crazy, unqualified, etc. They could not back their name calling to Trump either. Maybe you need to sound off on the other blog or go join the leftist protests.

    1. OK, here’s some facts: she “wants federal money removed from the state budget” which will:

      -end the SD National Guard
      -end crop insurance, deficiency payments, CRP, etc. for SD farmers
      -end Medicare for SD seniors
      -end Medicaid for poor SD seniors
      -close every airport in SD
      -mean SD has to pay for 100% of highway work

      and on, and on and on.

      Facts are the biggest problem Lora has, aren’t they?

    2. You are telling people not to comment on this blog?

      Do you spend your time watching fake news? Because Trump is all of those and more.

  2. I did not say we would not take Federal money…..I said i would not blur the boundaries between Government and non-profits….which led to Gear Up. AND blurring the lines between the Government and corporations led to EB5. I have no idea where some staffer came up that twist on the facts. Of course all the functions of the state that are normal functions will continue as always.

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