Matt Wagner Announces Candidacy for District 8 House of Representatives

Matt Wagner Announces Candidacy for District 8 House of Representatives

Volga, SD – Matt Wagner of rural Volga announces his candidacy for the South Dakota House of Representatives, District 8, serving rural Brookings, Kingsbury, Lake, and Miner Counties.

“As a conservative Republican my values are rooted in faith, family, and freedom,” said Wagner. “I am running for District 8 House to be an ambassador for less government and more liberty. I stand for life, family, the second amendment, quality education, free market, and less taxes.”

Wagner formerly served as a School Board Member for Volga Christian School and a School Board Member for Sioux Valley Public Schools, and currently serves on the Oslo Township Board as Clerk.

Wagner has strong agricultural ties to the district, growing up on a farm south of Volga. He attended Sioux Valley Schools in Volga and graduated from South Dakota State University with a degree in Agriculture. As a business owner and operator, Wagner has demonstrated decades of proven proficiency in the concrete construction and trucking industry. “Agriculture and small businesses are the foundation of our economy and I will work hard to keep taxes low and preserve our SD way of life.” Wagner said.

Wagner and his wife, Kerri, have been married for 25 years and reside on the family farm. They have three grown children who also live within the district. Wagner and his wife are active members of Peace Lutheran Church in Brookings, where he serves as an Elder.

“I am eager to earn your vote and be your voice in Pierre. Join me in building a stronger future for South Dakota.”

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13 thoughts on “Matt Wagner Announces Candidacy for District 8 House of Representatives”

  1. This is outstanding! I’ve known Matt for over two decades, and few men are as dedicated and hard-working as Matt Wagner. His integrity and passion for conservative values are exactly what we need in Pierre.

  2. Faith, Family & Freedom. His press release sounds like everyone else’s press release. John Thune uses that line. Kristi Noem uses that line. Family Heritage Alliance uses it. Other candidates and group use it.

    Another cookie-cutter conservative spewing out boilerplate that some hack told him he needed to say. I’d rather hear something authentic than the same thing we’re going to hear from all the other candidates running.

      1. You must be if you can’t see that without the carbon pipelines the ethanol refineries are kaput. If the refineries close, use that big brain and think of what will happen to corn prices. Then extrapolate that juuuust a little more and maybe you’ll see that we will need one hell of a Farm Aid concert to bail out our farmers.

        1. There are other cash crops and corn will always be in demand. The war in Ukraine alone has created supply issues.

  3. Matt Wagner IS what he says he is. Those are not words to get your vote. But they are concise which is why they are so frequently used.
    Every word that Matt used – HE LIVES. Politics usually invites candidates who simply say what you want to hear, only to win. Afterward, you learn they vote with the other side. Not the case with Matt, he is honest and willing to do the hard work necessary to save and improve SD.
    Tell your friends and family – Matt Wagner is the real deal – he lives it and he will deliver.
    You will NEVER have a stronger advocate to represent YOU in HD 8! Matt Wagner will vote to preserve all freedoms in South Dakota.

  4. There can only be one Sherriff in District 8 so Walburg is questionable. Too much of the same thing creates lemming fables. Be interesting to see how this House Rep race goes into primary. I’d keep Reisch(incumbent) if I were district 8 but have to see what Wagner and Weible come up with. Walburg would be front runner if Reisch wasn’t already there. It will be decided by Lake and Brookings counties.

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