Mayor Paul TenHaken doesn’t care for Joe Biden’s latest campaign ad

Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken doesn’t care for what Joe Biden’s throwing out there about the difficulty of the job that Mayors have, in reference to what Biden is intimating about his opponent Pete Buttigieg:

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  1. I saw the ad. The ad is merely showing the difference of experience the two candidates have. I submit there is a difference in running a country as opposed to a city. It also shows how Buttigieg folded like a cheap suit when a African-American police chief was attacked and the same with firing an African-American fire chief. His ad is showing how Mayor Pete does not stick to his guns when the going gets tough.The ad was not tone deaf and somewhat humorous. I believe Biden is in a tailspin, but I suspect Biden probably has more experience on the world stage than Mayor Pete. In the long run, I hope Trump beats whoever, but Mayor TenHaken has his panties in a wad over very little. Maybe he is finding running a city is more difficult than he thought it was.

    1. I like Paul. But if he wanted to highlight the important work Mayors do why didn’t he do that instead of posting about 5k and ribbon cuttings?

  2. I think most mayors are ribbon cutters. I like them but come on. They mostly cut ribbons, go to 5k’s and pose for selfies on social media.

    Congrees is similar. The senate is a bit better and governor has a serious responsibility.

    1. I would say that our mayor is a lot more hands-on than that.

      However, I don’t think that “Mayor Pete” has enough experience to handle the job, and what experience he has sounds pretty awful.

      If he is the best the Dems can come up with we’re gonna KAGA!!!

      1. Mayor of a large town is not experienced enough, but guy who bankrupted several businesses was. Cool. No double standards there.

  3. Good God Mayor Paul – have a snickers.

    His whole post reeks of a whining nature. You’re a mayor – not curing cancer. I’m glad his has such an off affection for Democrat from Indiana…. didn’t vote for him last time and won’t vote for him again the next time I’m sure.

    1. I will proudly vote again for Mayor Ten Haken; he is a good man and is doing a great job for Sioux Falls.

      1. thanks for your input – now get back to typing memos for him or telling how to use the scissors to cut the ribbon…

        He really doesn’t do that much.

    1. I know of several streets in my neighborhood that after a couple of months of snow still had 2″-3″ of ice on them. I know there is a new person in charge of the street department, but as my old econ prof told me, you can delegate authority, but you cannot delegate responsibility.

  4. Glad to see that Paul is defending a mayor, who happens to be gay. Now, it is time for Paul to start attending PRIDE events in Sioux Falls as the mayor, too.

    1. What does Mayor Pete’s sexual orientation have to do with anything? Accepting peoples’ different ways of living does not mean one has to attend those events.

        1. First, I don’t know. Second, I don’t care. I am more interested in pot holes than whether he cow tows to a bunch of people who if you don’t support them consider you a hater.

          1. Why wouldn’t they?

            The duty of a mayor is to take care of pot holes and be supportive of all of the citizens.

    2. Such a stupid comment,

      “Now, it is time for Paul to start attending PRIDE events in Sioux Falls as the mayor, too”.

      The mayor is clearly a Christain and while he will not discriminate against the LBGT community he is not going to endorse the lifestyle either. I don’t know what its gotta be all or nothing with you Lefties.

      – If he attends, he is endorsing the LifeStyle and he goes against his religion
      – If he does not, he’s a bigot

      There is no winning with you people on the Left. Why does a Mayor need to attend a Gay Pride Parade? Our elected officials are people too with their own leanings, personalities, and beliefs. Is there something in the Charter that states the Mayor must attend every parade? Is there is a list you approve or disapprove of? Would you list be the same as mine, probably not but, I am not going to give him $hit for not going to a parade I am in favor of. Please elaborate as I am SURE the Mayor does not attend every event, it would be impossible.

      You folks have the same playbook all the time and it’s old and played out. If you disagree or choose not to participate in something your a homophobe, Islamaphobe, sexists, racists, etc. I hate to break it to you, the playbook is not working, find a new one

      1. I believe it was Pope Francis, a felllow Christian, when asked about homosexuality, said it was not his right to judge. I also think that Jesus would not have judged on this issue, either. But Paul, a proclaimed Christian, does.

        1. I think you confusing Judging with following God’s plan. Are you saying we should not call out stealing, murder, bearing false witness, etc because it would be judging? Jesus called people vipers and chastised people for using the temple for commerce. Are you saying we cannot call sin, sin? I also would not use the Pope as a model of Christain faith. This guy and his church claim to speak for God and require you to “go through the” before coming to God. They have made up all kinds of rules I have never seen in the bible. This is also the same church that has been molesting boys yet covered it up. I know this will tick people off but, the Catholic Church is evil and has a history of being evil. I am NOT saying practicing Catholics are evil but, I would say they need to crack their bible and stop listening to the guys in the funny hats, they are no more of an authority on GOD than any man

          1. What? Homosexuality is like “stealing, murder, bearing false witness, etc?” Wow, I have never heard of that one before.

            As Christian’s, we all sin and on a daily basis. It’s part of our original sin, so why judge some sinners different than others?

            Although, I also question if homosexuality is a sin between two loving people as well.

            1. Oh, and I know a lot of good Catholics, too. I can’t believe you went after Catholics like that.

              1. You are correct, sin is sin. I never said it was not. We as human beings rank sin but, God does not. I will go to hell for murder just a quick as I would for using the Lords name in vain and not repenting. Our secular world has ranked sin not God

                I didn’t “go after Catholics like that” I simply stated some factual items that are not biblical

                – Confession, where does this come from? “No one comes to the Father except through me”, yet the Catholic Church has inserted themselves into the middle
                – Praying to the Virgin Mary, I believe one of those pesky commandments about worshiping other gods, etc
                – The Pope is Gods representative on Earth, really? Is this why you call them “Father”
                – The Molestation of boys is so heinous I don’t know how any practicing Catholic cannot sit down and at least question what is going and be embarrassed and ashamed to be associated with a Church who would allow this to go on

                – Homosexuality is a clear violation of Gods law and its littered throughout the bible. When you water it down by questioning loving someone of the same sex as not a sin, you are questioning Gods design. You don’t have to agree with it but, the bible is clear.

                We are called to love the Sinner but, we do NOT have to accept, condone, or love the Sin. You are trying to twist this into something is not.

                1. The bible is also super clear that we shouldnt do any sort or moral judging here on earth, God will take care of that for us all once the time comes.

                  Saying christians are bound by faith to be tolerant to people of all religions and proclivities is not a stretch by any means. Equating that tolerance to advocating for complete lawlessness, especially in regards to actual crimes against people or property is a much bigger one in my opinion.

                  The very text many hardcore conservatives use to discriminate against the LGBTQ community pretty expressly forbids judging folks for far worse than who they love (something about turning cheeks, sawdust in eyes, so on and so forth… riddle me how that works?

                  Can one of you people who believes the bible gives you the right to judge (as opposed to literally condems you) care to elaborate?

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