Misc photos from today

The problem with hauling my big camera is that it’s hard to get those fun, candid shots uploaded and on line until the moment is long passed.

So, here are some of the miscellaneous photos I took as I had the time and opportunity:


“Haggar selfie”


District 12 represents! (Alex Jensen and Arch Beal)


Mike Verchio enjoying the return.


Two former Governors enjoy a laugh.


Assistant Majority Leader Steve Westra


And we present the Partridge Family…

7 thoughts on “Misc photos from today”

  1. What does Jenna Haggar actually do for a job? Does anyone know? Didn’t she work for a chiropractor at one point for a few years but what real private sector experience does she have?

    1. Since you dont even have a name or a face, Anonymous, I don’t know why you are worried about this.

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