Monae for South Dakota End of Year Report – $225 raised and $1500 loan leaving $324 cash on hand.

Going through some of the End of Year reports that have been filed in the last couple of weeks, one of them I hadn’t posted yet is that of the Secretary of State herself, Monae Johnson. And by the looks of it, it doesn’t look like she’s conducting any activity towards funding the political role in her job:

Monae Johnson EOY Disclosure by Pat Powers on Scribd

According to the campaign finance report, after starting with $1028.63, the only donation ($225) came from Deputy Tom Deadrick, and the committee recorded a loan of $1500 from Monae herself. Expenses were $2429.50, leaving the SOS with $324 in the bank AFTER the loan.

If she’s funding those Lincoln Day Dinner ads herself, Monae probably should use that $324 to send out a mailing to start building up the campaign kitty if she intends to run again in 2 years.