Welcome SD Ag Alliance, SD Academy of Opthamology, SD Optometric Society to Advertiser’s Row!

It has been a wild weekend (as if you didn’t know that), but I wanted to make sure that we introduced our newer advertisers at Dakotawarcollege.com, to note that there are upcoming advertising opportunities, as well as to thank our advertisers. and to encourage you to visit their websites.


South Dakota Ag Alliance is a newer organization fighting to support landowner rights along with reasonable ag and rural development. The South Dakota Academy of Opthalmology is asking for your attention to support a no vote on House Bill 1099, and the South Dakota Optometric Society is asking for your support for legislators to pass House Bill 1099.  Please click on their ads and visit their websites to find out what these groups and their positions are about.

Of course, we strongly encourage you to check out them, and our other advertisers such as;  the fine folks at Summit Carbon Solutions supporting the ethanol and biofuel industries in South Dakota. “America’s Governor,” and South Dakota’s chief executive Governor Kristi Noem, #2 Republican in the US Senate and our friend South Dakota Senator John Thune, and our undisputed and undefeated Congressman Dusty Johnson, along with Republican United States Senator Mike Rounds.

Please also support Chairman John Wiik and the South Dakota Republican Party’s leadership, as they try to navigate the rocky waters of our time. Chairman Wiik has a challenging job, and as we know all too well, it’s not an easy one to try to recruit candidates and win elections in an environment when you’re fighting those from without and those from within.

Of course, at Dakota Campaign Store, down on the right, you’ll find me already busy in 2024 with yard signs, postcards, and all the things a professional campaign needs to make an impression.

Interested in advertising? There are limited advertising opportunities left for reaching South Dakota’s opinion leaders as we head forward into the 2024 campaign season. Advertising on the Dakotwarcollege.com website is based on a first come, first serve basis for available positions.

As of this writing, we have a couple spots open now, including the #3 spot on the right. We have two that are for session only that will open back up in March, and the #1 spot on the left will open up starting in June.  I do provide discounts for longer ad commitments.  Information on ad prices, ad positions, and ad commitments may be directed to the webmaster by clicking here.

Thank you to our advertisers for your support, and please reach out if you’d like to join them!