Noem cited as having single largest South Dakota fundraiser ever last week, raising 330K at one event!

Wow. Check out this report from the Hill where shortly after State Rep. Steve Haugaard announced his candidacy for Governor, Governor Kristi Noem is cited as having shattered the record for the largest political fundraiser in state history:

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R) pulled in $330,000 for her reelection campaign at a Sioux Falls fundraiser last week, smashing the record for the largest single fundraising event in state history, according to her campaign manager.


The Sioux Falls fundraising total was first reported on Tuesday by Politico Playbook. According to the newsletter, the $330,000 haul is nearly double the amount raised at the state’s second largest fundraiser on record.

Read the entire story here.

That’s more than a lot of Democrats manage to raise throughout their entire campaign, much less at one event.  And coming on the heels of Haugaard’s announcement, that definitely sends a message.

15 thoughts on “Noem cited as having single largest South Dakota fundraiser ever last week, raising 330K at one event!”

  1. What kind of Republican brags about fundraising?

    I am outraged at her lavish spending and she brags about fundraising. I supported her in the past but never again.

    1. To FC at 4:09… Noem’s campaign manager released the figure. Media outlets often want to know that information as a gauge of support.

    1. She sure isn’t beholden to the working class living in poverty. Since when do millionaires need help from the government.

  2. More money than she would ever need to remain governor of SD as long as ia legally allowed. Why is she spending OUR time raising money that will be sacrificially burned in the next presidential primary. PLEASE stop campaigning for President and start actually being the Governor.

    1. Agreed, she has zero chance in 2024. She is delusional if she thinks otherwise, didn’t her poll numbers go down over the summer to 0%? I also read a story the other day that no one is even considering her as VP material.

        1. How will she make a great VP, she doesn’t even govern. She only campaigns, please share your thoughts?

        2. Why would she make a great VP—because she could attend funerals and not have any authority….or responsibilities

  3. Is this like the inauguration crowd size thing?…Except she is whitewashing her own past in this instance, weird.

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