State Rep. Steve Haugaard files paperwork to run for Governor

As you read here at SDWC a couple of weeks ago, I don’t see it on the Secretary of State’s website, but former Speaker of the House Steve Haugaard is telling Dakota News Now that turned in the paperwork to run for Governor:

Former South Dakota Speaker of the House and current State Representative Steve Haugaard (R-Sioux Falls) will run for South Dakota Governor in 2022.

Haugaard filed Friday to pursue the office, the same day that Governor Kristi Noem officially announced she would be running for re-election in 2022.

Read the story here.

Yeah.. I just don’t see a path forward for him running to the right of Governor Noem.

26 thoughts on “State Rep. Steve Haugaard files paperwork to run for Governor”

  1. Yeah.. I just don’t see a path forward for him running to the right of Governor Noem.


    He is to the right of her on social issues and who on earth believes Noem is a fiscal conservative? She spends tax dollars on her toys ; TV Studio; fence and plane. Lots of questions about COVID spending–Cammack son anyone? $600k for her family.

    Then add in how she won’t disclose her travel , schedule or security, or daughter’s appraisal documents–really, she is forcing subpoenas.

    and don’t forget making all of South Dakota a laughing stock—Meth We’re on It

    What is her best attach on Haugaard? He was mean to a lobbyist? Yeah Noem loves Lobbyists and their money clearly by her own announcement.

  2. I, for one, will NOT be voting for Mr. Haugaard; he’s plainly two-faced.

    On the evening of Thursday, November 4th., I attended the Citizens for Liberty meeting in Rapid City; Mr. Haugaard was the featured speaker for the evening.

    At least SIX or SEVEN times during his talk, Haugaard adamantly “preached” to those present about the importance of “transparency” in State politics.

    Not a few days later, this “false prophet” in Pierre voted to keep the Ravnsborg accident files “secret”… only a coopted phony would behave in such a manner. Such utter B.S.!

    Haugaard says one thing and does another.

    The Bible is VERY clear about this:

    Matthew 7:16-23
    King James Version
    16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?

    17 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.

    Mr. Haugaard, in my opinion based on his ACTIONS not his words, is a massively inauthentic person WHO has ZERO business being anywhere near politics… much less running for Governor.

    Due to luck of birth, I was around Governors, Senators, and Supreme Court Justices since I was a tyke.

    I absolutely promise you. Hugaard “doesn’t have it.”

    He’s drunk on the smell of his own cork and doesn’t have the moral backbone to honor his own statements within days of making them,

    What a crock!

    I strongly suggest anyone thinking of supporting him or giving him money look at his stated positions versus his actions and his votes.

    1. It’s more disturbing he went to a meeting of Citizens For Liberty.

      What was he doing with THEM???

      1. Preening in front of an idealogical “mirror” prior to announcing his run for Governor.

        Our entire state is backwater when it comes to making any true progress with “transparency.”

        I personally co-chaired 2008’s Yes on 10 ballot initiative for the General Election.

        Here’s a 4 1/2 minute refresher course:

        As best I can tell, NOTHING substantive has changed as regards “transparency” in Pierre across three (3) different administrations and more than half a dozen different legislative sessions.

        For Haugaard to politically preach about “transparency” and then literally a few days later vote to keep the records sealed in the Ravnsborg accident review is pitiful, laughable, and idiotic.

        Haugaard doesn’t need the attaboys of the CFL, rather he needs a 50K mile service reset of his moral compass.

    1. I am not so sure of that. She has so much baggage now and so many people in South Dakota are unhappy with her. It will not be an easy fight for her.

  3. Really a bad candidate. Yes, Noem has stepped into her own messes and can’t keep quality staffers more than a few months. But she will throttle Haugaard – he’s arrogant and has zero charisma.

  4. He’s sanctimonious but a hypocrite when it serves his own interests.

    His kid-glove treatment of his close friend Jason Ravnsborg is proof of that. Does anyone seriously believe Haugaard would react the same way if it had been one of his political enemies?

    His conduct as Speaker of the House was similar. He liked to pretend to be an expert on legislative rules but his rulings always seemed to serve his side of the question, even when he had to ignore longstanding precedent.

    Lobbyists may not get much sympathy, but to ban one particular lobbyist from the House because she said something rude about you is an amazing abuse of power.

  5. If anything this helps Noem because his clown-car antics will make her seem comparatively sane.

    Which is too bad, because she’s an incompetent hack and has done nothing but abuse the office to personally benefit those in her circle and aggrandize herself for a 2024 run.

    The state needs better than this.

  6. Seriously, what is he thinking? Zero name recognition, zero to little legislation. Must like to throw campaign money out the window. Reminds me of when 3 people encouraged Stace to run and he assumed it was everyone. SMH…

  7. I believe there is nothing wrong with him running. The Governor, US House Representative and US Senator could use somebody to force them to be a little less a tool of the establishment. They have a tendency to become a little too comfortable in their positions. Noem believes there is no end to her power. Johnson is the new Larry Pressler, not effective, but does not do any harm. Thune is hanging over Cocaine Mitch, waiting for him to croak so he can be Majority leader.

    1. Dusty Johnson has been identified as the single most influential Republican in the US House for agriculture issues, but you just keep being you.

  8. Well I for one welcome the competition. Noem needs to be held accountable – it will probably make her a better candidate also, but Haugaard or any challenger has a wealth of material to use against her.

    Competition is good and keeps people honest

    1. Nothing the media hasn’t nit-picked her on already but more importantly, what are his strengths? I can’t think of one.

  9. I don’t want him to be governor but I’ll switch parties just to vote for him the primary! Republicans can vote for democrats in the General right?!

  10. This only helps Noem. Any business-centric Republican who was maybe a little uncomfortable with Noem will now run to her camp because the thought of Haugaard will scare the crap out of them.

    I predict 70-30 for Noem.

    1. Says who, you??? Where is your proof, this is as bias of a statement any. You have offered up zero facts supporting this at all. I know after talking with the average Republican in this state, they are not happy with Noem at all.

      1. You demand proof and then make your own declaratory statement without evidence.

        Both items are the opinion of the commenter and that is okay

  11. Ask any South Dakota Republican and they will tell you that they are very concerned with our current Governor on a number of topics and issues. However, Haugaard is not the answer. True, he will draw the ultra-right wing of the party along with all of the nut jobs and tin foil hatters. Yet, will only secure 35% of the vote at best. His candidacy, along with Howard’s are non-starters. The only concern is that he may help amplify Noem’s missteps and foibles to the benefit of the potential Democrat Governor candidate. But, this still will not be enough to unseat an incumbent Governor with $6+ million in the bank.

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