Noem to Transform Governor’s Hunt into “Industry Showcase for the Nation”

Noem to Transform Governor’s Hunt into “Industry Showcase for the Nation”

PIERRE, S.D. – Governor Kristi Noem today announced that the 2020 Governor’s Hunt and Sportsmen’s Showcase will be based out of the Sioux Falls Convention Center.

“Over the years, the Governor’s Hunt has brought thousands of business leaders to our state to experience both our pheasant habitat and our business habitat,” said Noem. “By easing accessibility and expanding opportunity at this event, we’ll be able to introduce more people to everything South Dakota has to offer. We’re transforming this annual summit into an industry showcase for the nation.”

“The Governor’s Hunt has always been about celebrating not only one of South Dakota’s most cherished fall past times, but the strong support for business and economic growth that we foster among industry leaders, employees, and entrepreneurs,” said Steve Westra, commissioner of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development. “By repositioning this headline event to Sioux Falls, we will be able to attract more business prospects and vendors who may only have limited time to visit our great state. This is a win-win for the people of South Dakota and the businesses and industries looking to make our state their next home.”

Major events at the 2020 Governor’s Hunt and Sportsmen’s Showcase will include a public sportsman industry vendor fair with booths from South Dakota hunting, fishing, firearms, and other sportsmen-related industries from around the country; a banquet for state leaders and business prospects; a public concert at the Premier Center; and world-class pheasant hunting in southeastern South Dakota.

“I am deeply grateful to the landowners, community leaders, and business owners in and around Pierre who have built the foundation of success for the Governor’s Hunt. Thank you for your commitment to the tradition of this event over the years,” concluded Noem.

The 2019 Governor’s Hunt will be based out of Pierre.


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  1. This won’t be popular with the City of Pierre but its the right thing to do. Kudos to Commissioner Westra and Gov. Noem.

    1. This is what happens when Hughes county GOP does nothing to help her win. Good job Jr.

  2. So when people think ‘pheasant hunting’ do they really think of the Sioux Falls metro area? Does SF really need MORE of an economic boom?? Will they release a bunch of pheasants at Falls Park for the Gov’s pheasant hunt? This does not bode well for my home city…

  3. Sounds like its a great thing for Sioux Falls…..and that’s about it. Now instead of having the hunts headquarters centrally located in the middle of the state, giving easy(ish) access to property all over the state, hunters will likely be restricted to the south east corner. When it comes to tourism, much of norther SD only has one thing going for it, pheasant hunting. Hopefully our next governor will do more to push the interests of the entire state, not just where the biggest dollars are. or we need to find a king of the north…

  4. The Gov’s Hunt was getting stale. Especially with the same old L&S production every year. But moving this to Sioux Falls is not the answer. I guess it will less about hunting and more trade show.

  5. I’d like to see a separate annual GOP pheasant hunt, one based out of Pierre. The party can recruit enough out of state hunters to support both events.

  6. As someone who will always call Pierre home I hate this move… If she would have said she was moving to the real epicenter of pheasant hunting like Aberdeen or Huron I would understand. Or decided to rotate it. But moving it out of the actually hunting territory for the state..? I’ve been living in the Sioux Falls metro now for 7 years have seen less than a dozen pheasants and I commute back roads daily.

  7. I don’t believe I will be a hunt any longer. It will be more of a showcase event.

    1. I stand corrected, the story says pheasant hunting in the se part of the state.
      I don’t think I would have announced this until after the 2019 hunt. There’s going to be some pretty upset folks who might night be so willing to donate for this year.
      Bring back the Golf Classic if your so worried about leaving the se out of your big donor payoffs!
      Sorry Pierre, you should have voted for her!

  8. Yes, announcing this before this year’s hunt is a bad PR move. It seems like this decision is nearly universally unpopular. They already have a Sportsmans show at the arena every year and the hunting in the area isn’t great. There’s gotta be money involved somewhere here.

    Don’t make too many folks mad Kristi, you barely sneaked into that governors seat.

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