Squatters, or something else? Someone is buying up Scyller Borglum related domains.

I had someone revisit the rumors with me today that have been rumbling out there for months regarding State Representative Scyller Borglum running for higher office.  So on a lark, I decided to check one of my old standbys whenever I hear rumors of this sort. Specifically, website domain registries.

And it didn’t really clear anything up:

Interestingly, at least two of the domains were purchased in February, long before the late April dust up with Dusty Johnson, with the third – scyllerborglumforsenate.com coming the day after the release.

In fact, there were a total of nine or ten domains that have been registered in the last six months, including scyllerjborglum.com, scyllerjborglumforsenate.com, borglumforsouthdakota.com, scyllerforsenate.com, scyllerforsouthdakota.com, and borglumsd.com.  All of the domains were registered privately with no currently active website attached, so we don’t know exactly who registered them.

So, who exactly is out there snatching up these web domains?  Could it be cybersquatters? Absolutely. Or it could be an indication of something else?

Because someone is buying up a lot of web addresses related to the freshman State Representative from Rapid City and an office she does not hold at this time.

Stay tuned.

12 thoughts on “Squatters, or something else? Someone is buying up Scyller Borglum related domains.”

  1. No thanks. She obviously is power hungry now and just wants a promotion. She is not a real South Dakotan. I’ll vote for a South Dakota Democrat before her. Annoys the hell out of me that people that move here from out of state are 90% more likely to run for politics. She is showing a severe lack of character. I hope her political career is shortlived and she becomes a better person.

  2. Good research, Pat. No one ever said Scyller lacks ambition. Does she enter a Republican primary, or does she switch parties? There’s a lane open on the left. To date, the SDDP has no candidate lined up against Dusty or Rounds. I’ve been saying since Christmas that Billie Sutton will take on Rounds (& lose). If that’s true, which dem challenges Dusty? Erin Healy? She’s been telling folks she’ll defend her house seat, but I don’t buy it. More likely she opts for Dist. 14 Senate.

  3. When she read her script on her Facebook video after the dust up with Dusty, didn’t she say something like, “I’m not even thinking about running for another office?” Now we find out that not only was she thinking about it, she was making preparations and buying domain names. That’s not genuine. It just goes to show how forced and fake it really was when she did the press release and video. Makes you wonder what her beef is with Dusty that she would make up a hit on him like that. Maybe her advisor is the one with the beef and she wasn’t smart enough to avoid being a pawn of her advisor. A pawn of advisors is not someone we need in our government.

  4. There’s no information out there on who bought the names, so I don’t know that you can say one person did it versus another.

  5. If grudznick knew how to get these things I would have, but my money is on Mr. H, who knows computer things, goblining these names either to sell or in hopes that the young woman hires him as a campaigner.

  6. Why do people instantly get turned off by ambition? No one has a clue what really happened. She has a very bright future, and we should be excited that she’s on our team. This S.D. republican certainly is. Old blood gets fat and lazy when unchallenged for so long. The S.D. GOP would be well served being challenged from within. Especially when the opposition poses no challenge at all.

    1. Odin, we don’t know whose team she’s on. That’s the problem. She’s been soliciting funds for a “bipartisan” PAC for female candidates and she votes like a Democrat.
      We aren’t going to fall in behind her until we figure out where she’s going.

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