Rumors are afoot on Borglum entering Senate race. But which one?

So, I’ve heard not once, but twice in the last 12 hours that State Representative Scyller Borglum is entering the race for US Senate in a matter of just a few weeks.

And this is aside from my website search yesterday showing a number of new domains.

If you recall, back on May 2nd, Representative Borglum had noted to South Dakota Public Broadcasting as part of the story where she had gotten into it with Congressman Dusty Johnson:

“I’ve been hearing this a lot, people have been hearing this and I know it’s been going around political circles,” Borglum says. “But I’m working really hard as a state legislator. This is what I do, this is what I was elected to do. So, I answered his question, I said, ‘No, I’m working as a state legislator. This is my MO.’”

Borglum says she’s made no announcement about plans to seek a higher office.


“Well, Scyller has told folks across the state that she was thinking about running for US Senate,” Johnson says. “And that is absolutely her prerogative.

Read it here.

Fast forward to today.

I’ve heard from two people that at the beginning of July, possibly July 1, it is rumored that Representative Borglum will be announcing her entrance into the race. And that the effort will be managed by Ashley Granby/Wolf, who had sent out that press release on Borglum’s behalf earlier this year, coming off of having served as a West River person for the Noem for Governor effort this past year.

If true (keeping in mind it is strictly relegated to rumor at this point), the early July date would make sense, as it marks the start of the third fundraising quarter for the year for federal campaign FEC reporting.

But… Not so quick.  With all that said, there could be a lot of assuming going around as well.

Why? Because those domains could possibly relate to a different Senate seat.

It is also rumored that the State Senate seat in Borglum’s State Legislative District (D32) could open up this coming election in 2020, with State Senator Alan Solano having taking a new position as the Vucurevich Foundation CEO.

Which makes perfect sense. Although, it would be a far more mundane shift from Borglum’s current House position to a Senate Seat.

All we can do stay tuned. For a lot more politics to come.

47 thoughts on “Rumors are afoot on Borglum entering Senate race. But which one?”

  1. In the Rapid City Journal story about Dusty, Borglum said she wasn’t even thinking about it and specifically said she wasn’t running for US Senate or House. If she is running now- she clearly lied.

    1. Like saying you’ll release your tax returns but not doing that? Like saying Mexico will pay for a wall? That kind of lie?

      1. Like saying obamacare will save you $2,500 in premiums?

        I could go on and on about the Obama lies.

        Based on your post, I am going to guess you live in a bubble or a democrat echo chamber.

        1. Funny, I didn’t know he was a doctor or scientist? I barely knew he was still alive.

    2. I’ve heard she is more interested in Congress than Senate. The reason being is Dusty’s vote on the wall opened a path for her to go after him on.

      The wall vote would get her some jobs.

  2. HA ya right! Why all the theatrics if shes just running for Solanos seat?

    Shes running against Rounds. And its a mistake.

  3. Rounds is a moderate’s moderate, and she thinks she has a lane to run against him?

    Or is she running as a Dem? Because that would make more sense given her voting record and the bridges she has now burned in the GOP.

    1. i love seeing rounds called ‘moderate’ on posts in this place. that starts the game of guessing which of the 27 or so ‘real republicans’ in south dakota wrote the post.

  4. She’s a political newcomer with a very poor (leftist) voting record for a GOP. The only thing she has going for her is her Daddy’s last name. To think she could run any kind of statewide campaign is crazy. She may even have a hard time winning Solano’s seat.

    1. New people to the political front have much to learn. She certainly will not get a windfall of money to run against Rounds.

    2. Hate to break it to people, but the misinformation bout her name is driving me nuts. Borglum is her married name and it is (according to the folks I have asked) no relation to the Borglum of Mt. Rushmore fame. So with that in mind, Bumstead, do you actually *know* “her Daddy’s last name”?

      1. Stop now, please. Can we set a couple of things straight? Because you are misinformed. Borglum is not Scyller’s ‘married name,’ but her birth name which she continues to use.

        And she’s the first to say that any relation to Gutzon is at most, is a very distant one.

        If you’re going to disagree with her, that’s fine. Let’s try to keep it policy based. There’s no need to start making up stuff.

  5. And we all know what happens to women who dare to run against the old boys club without permission.

    1. They win a Congressional seat and later become South Dakota’s First Female Governor?

  6. Solano’s employer has insisted that he resign from the legislature. Noem will have another appointment and I doubt it will be Scyller.

    1. A smart, likable woman. I supported her rural education initiative, at least the details I heard. Had she been patient, she would have become (IMHO) a state senator with a bright political future. Now? We’ll see. If her gamble pays off & she enters the US Congress, I’ll admit my error and eat humble pie. But, in 2020, I’ll for Mike Rounds.

  7. I hear she has a plan to help South Dakota become less of a welfare state. Good luck with that! The state would dry up and blow away without the massive, continual influx of money stolen from people in states with modern economies.

      1. No kidding! Chicago is bankrupt. Violent crime has gone through the roof. Taxpayers are fleeing the city. Now, the whole state is going to sink.

      2. Things are not great from a government perspective in Illinois. They have many rural/urban struggles. The government in Illinois is almost as corrupt and ingrained as you have in South Dakota.

        And despite the horrible bond rating. The high taxation. The congestion. The city violence. The people of Illinois still have to dig deep in their pockets to subsidize the South Dakota (and other scarlet states’) economy. It’s a fact. South Dakota is a welfare state, plain and simple.

      1. “What state (or planet) are you from?”

        I live here, in SD, but my family is from Chicago.

        After fighting in WW2, Grampa Jack opened a garage on the north side. He met my grandmother there.

        My father and his brothers attended Niles Township High. Dad went to St. Louis for college, but my uncle went to Northwestern, studied physics, & worked @ Argonne National Labs.

        Eventually, all left Chicago, finding happiness in lower tax, lower crime cities, such as Monroe, Wisconsin.

        We’re from planet Earth, I trust. Chicago is going downhill fast.

  8. Her voting record clearly indicates she’s not to the right of Rounds. Rounds actually does a good job of working with Trump, who dominated this state in the Presidential election. People always call Rounds a moderate, but he’s been endorsed by the Tea Party Express and has helped roll back billions in regulations.

    Perception isn’t reality when it comes to Rounds being a moderate, unless your Stace Nelson who sells that Rounds is a moderate. Yet Rounds whooped Nelson’s butt in that Senate primary, thus Republicans clearly believe Rounds tends to be more conservative than moderate. So where would Borglum fit in to the equation? What planks could she run on?

    1. Neal, you’ve not looked at her voting record. She is much closer to Pelosi that to Trump.

      She is clearly a lib.

    2. Dusty is also very conservative. Maybe more so than his previous primary opponents.

  9. Annette Bosworth 2.0 – driven by blind ambition and whispers from consultants, without a clue that she’s the punch line. That stunt she tried to pull on Dusty (that no one bought) told me everything I need to know.

    1. lol oh there you go again. he’s no rino and she’s no bosworth. rounds will crush in a primary and general because his record is conservative ENOUGH for most people. you excepted of course lol

  10. I’ll take Mike Rounds who agrees with Trump more than 90 percent of the time based on his voting record. Borglum would have to run to the left of Rounds. She can try to bring up actions from his time as governor but that won’t get her anywhere. This was already litigated in the 2014 primary and general election. Mike Rounds came out on top with clear margins of victories. He made some mistakes without question, but by the number South Dakotan’s want him serving in office. If Skyllar is smart, she will run for state senate and open her future up to endless possibilities. Running against Rounds may limit her future possibilities.

    1. I hear she might run against Dusty for Congress and block Tapio from a rematch.

  11. Scyller would probably get the Democrat votes because they are not going to field anybody.

    1. In a GOP primary? Doubtful. But she could switch to Democrat & earn that party’s nomination.

  12. She would have no primary on the Democrat side. She really should do that.

  13. Let’s talk reality. This woman has done nothing since joining the legislature except stir the political pot. She has passed no major initiatives – hell, she can barely pass a minor one. There is nothing remarkable about her except perhaps she more arrogant than the typical know-nothing-first-year-legislator. I would give her the time of day — and I sure as hell would not give her a dime.

  14. She’s like Elizabeth Warren. Next she’ll put out a report saying she is 1/1024th Gutzon Borglum.

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