5 thoughts on “And the Bison’s name is…”

  1. I have to admit, that “Murdo” is better than “JD Byrider” or “C-Street.”

    1. I still think it’s should be called “Tom,” as in Daschle.
      And Dusty’s dead coyote should be called “Tim,” as in Bjorkman

  2. ….unfortunately named. Should have been George….for Pierre lawyer, politician, and cowboy cousin to bison savior Scotty Philips.

  3. Is PETA aware of this insensitivity? Would we display a human corpse in a Senator’s office?

    Oh, wait, a bison is an animal, not a person, and they are not the same. Bison, fish, dogs, cats are not human beings and do not have rights that human beings have and are not to be held in the same esteem.

    My mistake-as you were.

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