Notes from the GOP Central Committee meeting on Saturday, National Committeewoman race confirmed to be open contest

Had a couple of people reach out to me this weekend confirming what I had heard on Friday, that the SDGOP National Committeewoman position is going to be an open contest at the next State Republican Convention, taking place in 2024.  At the meeting, I’m told current GOP National Committeewoman Sandye Kading announced she would not be running again, making it the only open convention race so far seat that candidates will be competing for.

Public Utilities Commission, and the National Committeeman and Committeewoman positions are the only races that Convention Delegates have the opportunity to vote for at the next convention after 2022’s big contests.

Currently, PUC Commissioner Kristie Fiegen has announced she is running again. We have not heard from National Committeeman Ried Holien intentions to step down, so with the announcement of the only open seat at this time, there is likely to be a spirited campaign for the office.

18 thoughts on “Notes from the GOP Central Committee meeting on Saturday, National Committeewoman race confirmed to be open contest”

  1. any bylaw changes? Moving the date of the state convention? Are they going to repeat the mistakes of the 2016 National Convention Delegate Selection process? Anything?

  2. So is there nobody on this blog who actually attended the CC meeting? Did they even have a quorum?
    What is the date of the next state convention, and how will delegates to the national convention be selected?

        1. Minnehaha is the most populated county with the worst leadership in the state. For the sake of the Republican Party in the south east corner of the state, he needs to get his mental issues under control and the GOP needs to dismiss him from his post as Chair. How did he get there? He breaks the rules, drags people down with him and is the angriest, most destructive human being I’ve ever witnessed at a CC meeting or any other meeting for that matter. He’s been kicked out before and we should not tolerate his obnoxious, arrogant, behavior. KICK HIM OUT! He’s NOT a Republican.

          1. In all seriousness, Tornow is completely unprofessional as well as verbally abusive to any reasonable people who get stuck working with him. Wiik isn’t getting paid to serve as Party Chair — neither he nor anyone else for that matter(!) should have to take that abuse…. From anyone. Ever. For any reason. Tornow’s behavior is NEVER acceptable, no matter how mad he is or how much he disagrees.

  3. Wiik, Fitzgerald, Sheehan, Hoilen ran a good meeting despite the interference they faced by several disrupters. The rally the night before was a huge success and they were angry.

    1. the rally was a huge success FOR TRUMP. when he loses the presidential race next year, he’ll still be able to come back around over the next decade and make sure johnson, rounds and thune get primaried like cheney. his super-power is retribution, and the remaining pieces of the gop are his little hammers to use like whack-a-mole.

    2. I agree, mostly.

      There were a few blatant oversights (no flag for the pledge, terrible utilization of the screens in the room for the meeting agenda + materials, and just general organization of the meeting). You could tell emphasis in effort was placed on the previous night’s event, as it should’ve been, but I still find some of the oversights to be like “C’mon man”.

      I will say, I think CC leadership handled the interference as best they could, like you mentioned.

  4. So in other words, lots of people have opinions about the meeting but nobody knows if anything important was decided.
    What were y’all smokin’?

    1. Anonymous @11:20 you seem to have been present at the meeting but were so overwhelmed by the style, you are clueless as to the substance.

      When you go to your next county meeting, people aren’t going to care about the flag, the screens, or the organization. They won’t even ask you what you had for lunch, even if you were only there for the food.. They will want to know if there were any bylaw changes, how the delegates to the national convention will be selected, and whether their district is being targeted in the next election.

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