A renewed call for Protest against the Brookings Book burners before the Brookings School Board Meeting tonight

Saw this call for protest is making the rounds on Facebook today, where s group is calling for a “Read-In” protest before this evening’s school board meeting.

This follows a previous call to action, as noted in my August 25th post, where I noted this flyer was making the rounds.

Basically, the big deal is that the book burning groups want to substitute parents’ judgement with their own, and supersede the role of parents in choosing what’s appropriate for one’s own children. As I’d written on August 25th.

Ultimately, as the parent of a child in the school, if there is something I object to, I consider it MY JOB to determine what might be appropriate or inappropriate for my child. It’s called being a parent. And guess what? I refuse to abdicate that role to a group of nanny-state zealots any more than I would abdicate that role to the school.

Having the ability to determine myself what is appropriate for my child.  That seems to be a lot closer to the definition of freedom as it has been taught to me than the “big government freedom” some want to impose on South Dakotans.

Read that here.

Protesters versus the nanny-staters… The Brookings School Board meeting will be held tonight at Dakota Prairie Elementary, and should also be streamed live via youtube here, if you’re interested in watching the show.

28 thoughts on “A renewed call for Protest against the Brookings Book burners before the Brookings School Board Meeting tonight”

  1. Even the most diligent of parents cannot monitor what their children read while at school. Protecting children from the filth that the Left promotes is not oppressive, and removing the filth from the school libraries is not banning the books from the schools. So much of Left’s language is a lie!

        1. Anyone who compares reviewing and limiting the books in our children’s libraries to the murder of over 6 million people has no brains or conscious!

          1. Apparently, you have not read a history book. The Nazis took little by little until it led to murder. This is how it begins! Maybe you should read a book and not burn them.

    1. Here’s how I think about partisanship and using it to determine public policy. Take your statement, “Protecting children from the filth that the LEFT promotes is not oppressive”, and replace it with “Protecting children from the filth that the RIGHT promotes is not oppressive”. How does that 2nd statement make you feel? Does it anger you? If so, your original statement is crap. If you’re okay with it happening to you no matter what side of the aisle you’re on – that’s your belief. If you’re okay to do it to others, but not have it done to you – then you’re part of the problem.

      I want no part in Government participating in censorship in school libraries. And I don’t care what the topic is. I agree with Pat, I refuse to abdicate my role as a parent to you, the school, or anyone who thinks they can tell me what information should be available to my child.

      1. Jenny,

        Please take some of those books down to the police station and read them to children.

        It will save them the time for charging you with giving porn to children.

        1. Your funny Vamos. No police officer is going to arrest anyone for those books in the library. Even if you read them to a child.

      2. the Right doesn’t promote filth so your argument collapses

        As far as the Read In goes, reading aloud some of those passages the right finds offensive might just do the trick.

        1. How many affairs has Donald Duck had? Let’s not go thinking the right is by any means righteous. That is a laugh.

    2. As soon as you made it a leftist conspiracy, you provide your stupidity. Why don’t you try reading books instead of banning or burning them. Stop watching those nuts on the right!

  2. Well said Pat and Jenny! We need to let these Save Brookings organizations etc. know that they are not in control and are NOT wanted in our community. The Weibles came from Minnesota! No one wanted them there either. Not sure where some of the others came from. About the other members – enough said. They want freedom while limiting others freedom. Spot on- It’s about parenting. The school district has given the option to parents to keep their children from reading those books. Me thinks the above “anonymous” responses were from that group. Are they going to parent the Tik Tok their kids use? social media? not to mention things that are shown on TV? No brain cells with this bunch – Heaven forbid that To Kill A Mockingbird should teach about the mistakes of others!

  3. Are these Mom’s for Liberty types book burners “Freedom for Me but not for THEE” mostly composed of those who moved here to seek their Freedumb per Kristi Noem’s taxpayer paid advertising program promoting her brand once again?

  4. Glad to know certain groups are not wanted in Brookings–could you give a list. Maybe we could have a screening process in all communities and keep out the groups we don’t agree with.

    1. Some of these conspiracy consumed political fringe that moved here from other states have demonstrated they don’t want to live in a society with being a citizen and neighbor. It is all about them. Included are those who are anti-government and anti-public schools.

      Remember making calls for a Republican legislative candidate and going off the list I ended up contacting the most rabid supporters of the opponent who ran as a Republican but was really a hard right fringe Libertarian/Constitutional candidate.

      Their campaign concerns were….

      Voter and supporter #1 “I don’t want to pay for roads!”

      My response was asking this voter and supporter how they were going to get anywhere without roads?

      Voter and supporter once again stated “I don’t want to pay for roads!”

      My response was if you go to a toll road system costs go up even higher.

      Voter and supporter #1 once again stated “I don’t want to pay for roads!”

      Another call was to another being voter & supporter # 2 “I don’t want to pay for a fire department! since I will never need it!” I don’t want to pay for things I will never use! My taxes are too high as it is!”

      Supporters 3, 4, and a few more stated that they home school their kids and did not want to pay taxes for public schools that their kids will never attend citing rumors and conspiracies that were debunked repeatedly by the local administrators and school board members but it did not matter.

      Last year it was the furries in schools and now they are pushing for burning books!

  5. I’ve known a number of Librarians in my life. I trust their judgement. They know books and they know kids. Parents have great influence over their children, the predominant influence in their lives. But children become the person they were meant to be through inquiry. There are many mysteries to life. Let children search for the answers.

  6. I’m watching the school board meeting and just choked hearing them spend $135,854.50 on 200 band uniforms and 10 drum major uniforms.

      1. How about just not waste time and money on school band? If kids or families want music they should just pay for it themselves and schedule it outside of the school day.

        1. how about uniforms that consist of Red sweatshirts ($11.98) and black pants ($19.98) from Walmart?

          I think they’ll sound just as good.

          1. After Trump is convicted and serving in prison there will plenty of made in China MAGA and TRUMP gear at discount distressed pricing. Magic Markers and some patches would do wonders in covering up that mistake in US history.

            1. Athletic clothing & equipment is designed to prevent injury and improve performance.

              Not sure band uniforms that cost $647 each are designed to do anything except cost lots of money. Even kevlar wouldn’t cost that much.

              For that much money they should have built in climate control, like space suits. Maybe they do?

              1. They’re designed to last 15+ years, get altered on an annual basis, and not get damaged by the elements as they’re worn outside for extended periods.

  7. Parents need to be parents and not expect the state to do it for them. I thought we were against co-parenting with the state.

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