11 thoughts on “Jordan Youngberg already out and hitting the campaign trail hard”

    1. Agree. Youngberg will have a clear advantage over Pischke, but all of this early posturing won’t help much if he’s facing a superior opponent like Hansen.

      1. Mr. Pischke will roll over, I presume. He is not equivalent to talk any issue other than delinquent child support. He is a swarthy felllow, much like Bluto of the old Popeye teevee shows. That is how he used to get elected.

  1. Hansen’s political career will only last until homebuilders find out his pipeline bullshit resulted in counties enacting setback ordinances which will prevent anybody from having natural gas piped into new homes. Maybe they’ll have to rip out the existing lines, too.
    It’s okay, you can have a propane tank in your yard instead. Have fun landscaping around it.

  2. There’s a fine line between campaigning and shameless self-promotion. Youngberg has crossed that line early and often.

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