Oh! Hearing that they voted me off the island!

Just had an update by a friend who is talking to an attendee, who indicated that the resolution from the state GOP central committee to not work with me anymore because I had the temerity to advocate for Republicans being able to win elections did pass!  Uh oh!

(Like I’m gonna let someone else scoop me on being voted off the island?)

So, sorry guys. Sorry Lee Q. Sorry Senator Pischke. Sorry R. Shawn. That’s not going to get me to sit down and be quiet.

Quite the opposite.


More reports coming in. Heard that Lee Qualm was the one who brought the resolution. But Senator Pischke was one of the biggest whiners, complaining to the Republican State Central Committee about how he felt he was under personal attack by this website for noting things such as his recent Senate Bill commanding the National Guard to be called out to investigate cloud seeding, and weather control reports.

Well… I can’t help it if “tinfoil Tom” doesn’t like it when I notice he brings this kind of legislation. But I don’t think his lament is going to stop me from commenting on the ridiculousness of what he does (or doesn’t do) in Pierre.

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  1. Unbelievable. Pat is one of the most knowledgeable people in the Republican Party. Want to know about Campaigns? Ask Pat Powers. Want to know about Party Bylaws or SOS systems? Ask Pat Powers. Want to know about Party history? Ask Pat Powers.

    Shaking my head.

    1. Thanks for the compliment, but I don’t know that I’m one of the most knowledgeable. Just have been around for that long.

      I have said for a number of years that success in elections is like a pendulum, which swings one way and eventually it will swing back. With people demanding that dissenters and people who speak against crazy be punished, I think we’re seeing the pendulum swinging back in realtime.

      Otherwise, it’s really not going to affect a lot. It means the majority report weekly newsletter will stop, along with a few other things, but it’s not going to affect anything I do for campaigns.

  2. Unbelievable! What an outfit we have on the Central Committee. Que George Orwell. Big Brother is speaking.
    Pat, your contributions are sincerely appreciated by thinking Republicans across South Dakota. You contribute DAILY to a sensible discussion about the future of our Party and keep people up to date on all the important issues within the Party. Thank you.

  3. “You have meddled with the primal forces of Nature, and YOU WILL ATONE!” – “Network” (1976)

  4. Lee Qualm and Tom Pischke are participating in cancel culture. The lack of a trigger warning on this comment may offend them.

  5. If they don’t want articles about them doing and saying stupid crap then maybe they should stop doing and saying stupid crap.

    1. Interestingly, I don’t know that any of the complainers have come to my face to do so. Probably because they know what they’ll get when they try to tell me that I’m picking on them.

  6. Casualties of having a political supermajority, I suppose. When everyone’s on the same team, nobody is on the same team. Tough break, man, but somehow I bet you’ll bounce back from this devastating blow.

    1. Maybe the libertarian party would like a weekly newsletter, I think I know a guy that does so much that some say he lives on both sides of the state (Spearfish and Brookings is about as far east and as far west as it gets) that apparently has more time on his hands now. I wouldn’t mind a libertarian in office with how authoritarian (and outright insane) the right flank has gotten.

  7. so I was there as an observer and my observation was that it was somewhere between poking the bear or bombing Pearl Harbor, and am now waiting to see if you go with teeth & claws or go nuclear.
    It’s a sure bet it’s not going to make you play nice.

    1. The thing is that the ones throwing rocks haven’t been around long enough to understand that I have worked plenty of years within the party, and I’ve worked plenty of years outside the party.

      The passing of Qualm’s motion doesn’t stop me from being a precinct person, doesn’t stop me from going to convention, and it really doesn’t stop me from helping candidates as I choose.

      When I’m writing Dakotawarcollege.com, it won’t stop me from supporting good policy and good officeholders. And if I see something stupid, offensive, or contrary to common sense, I will still point it out.

      The only thing they’ve accomplished is that they stopped the party from hiring me to help fill some gaps that the party ends up with when trying to do a lot with limited funds and even more limited staff. Much of it relating to communications (like the weekly majority report) and the party component of helping candidates – especially new candidates – with their elections.

      As I noted in a statement to the press earlier today, I have more than enough on my plate working directly for candidates, and the haters can keep complaining about what I write at dakotawarcollege.com

      Haters gonna hate. I’m just gonna shake it off and watch the Super Bowl tomorrow.. (Taylor Swift reference for everyone.)

  8. And yet another example of why we should not allow the party convention of a few hundred people to choose our candidates for AG and SOS. Essentially we are letting these same whack jobs choose for the whole state who our office holders are for these important offices. This doesn’t get better – it gets worse because these are the ones that show up. The rest of us have jobs and kids and lives and can’t spend the day in Pierre arguing with these numbskulls.

  9. Time to move the nominations to a primary. The whackadoodles have taken over the party. It was good while it lasted.

      1. All these anti Trump and Noem haters. Trump and Noem are the future of the GOP.

        If Trump wins, the gop in SD will only continue to move more away from our current federal delegation.

        I predict if Trump wins Rounds, Thune and Dusty all leave Washington within the next 6 years.

        We will see people like Kristi Noem and Larry Rhoden move to the front of the pack.

      2. These people aren’t Trump supporters. He is chummy with Noem and they hate him for it. She beat Marty in the primary for Governor and they are so angry about it, when he accepted her endorsement for AG they turned on him, too. There is no reasoning with these people. They boycotted the Trump fundraiser.
        Trump fast-tracked the development and distribution of the covid vaccines, and had the first shipments out to all fifty states delivered by mid-December 2020. Then in January 2021, having waited the recommended 90 days after recovering from Covid, he was vaccinated himself, just before leaving office. It’s too bad he didnt take the shot on camera and tell the public “do this in remembrance of me.”
        It’s hard to reconcile being a Trumper when you are an anti-vacxer. It’s like being a Christian who refuses the Eucharist.

        So they will probably vote for Kennedy, and justify that decision by saying he, at least, is not a RINO who supports Noem. That’s if they vote at all: those voting machines might release mind-controlling chemicals you know.

      1. As a general matter, it would be nice if people would educate themselves about what party resolutions are good for.
        Resolutions are good for public statements of condolences or congratulations and that’s about it.
        They are not legislation, and accomplish nothing.
        When they are about controversial topics, they don’t unify, they divide.
        A public statement that the party is in favor of or opposed to something will cheer up one faction but antagonize another, and the only thing it will accomplish is division within the party itself.

        If creating division within the party is your objective, demanding a vote on a controversial issue makes a lot of sense. But if that isn’t your objective, give it a rest.

  10. I really wish these Libertarians and Constitutional activists would go back to their own parties and be honest Libertarians and Constitutional Party membrs.

    The crazy others? Start their own party but what should they call themselves?

  11. Pat, you are on the people that has made a difference for the good of the GOP for years. That those three, and they’re cabal, don’t like you, says volumes about them.

    1. Exactly. To think we’d cashier someone who has helped put R’s in seats for years at the behest of Qualm, Pischke, Julie Frye Mueller and Drew Dennert speaks loudly about who the SD GOP has become. Imagine the echo chamber those four scream into on a daily basis.

  12. I think Pischke is swinging for the fence, as he knows his upcoming race will most likely end in defeat.

  13. I think the “island” is an apt term. I was there. It had a real Lord of the Flies atmosphere. Someone needs to fix this. And fix it yesterday.

  14. Brown County was full crazy at the meeting. Sad to see a county like that fall in with the nut jobs.

      1. That’s the trouble with closed meetings, you don’t get to find out how your county exec board members behaved at central committee meetings.

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