Sounds like today’s GOP central committee meeting is partially about me

Sounds like an interesting central committee meeting.

Live updates I am getting apparently have several people such as Lee Qualm and Tom Pischke complaining about me and trying to pass a motion for the party to not do business with me.. not sure if it’s because I’ve helped people run against them, or if it’s because I point out actions that defy logic.

Kind of surprised that they feel so threatened by me.  I’ll let you know how that goes.

6 thoughts on “Sounds like today’s GOP central committee meeting is partially about me”

  1. Mr. Qualm, the anti-vaxxer, and Mr. Pischke, the Bluto-esque purveyor of weather control tin-foil hats, have it out for Mr. PP, no doubt.

    1. I wish someone would update me, and let me know if I got voted off the island. 🏝️

      I hate it when my coconut torch gets put out.

  2. Could this be another battle pushed by the QAnon Coalition of Conspiracy Enthusiasts? Aka QCCE of SD

  3. Qualm is such a loser. Why he couldn’t have taken the big fat L that Tobin gave him and forever gone into the background is beyond anyone. But then again jerks aren’t known for being smart or humble.

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