Open Forum: What did YOU think of session?

Having been more involved on a couple of issues that I had been in a few years, I joked to a few as I darkened out halls of government that “Every time I spend time in Pierre, I tend to get my butt kicked, so I want to get out of here as soon as possible.”  Basically, I was more interested in winning on my issue than going to war with anyone, as I might have been tempted from time to time. So I was glad to be successful, and on my way out the door late last week.

And that might sum up much of session. People were more interested in getting work done than posturing. On the surface this session seemed pretty low key. Not a lot of conflict between individual legislators. And there wasn’t any open warfare I noticed between political parties.

But there was the fact that we had more conference committees than ever before.  Where what little conflict came up was more between the House and Senate than anyone else.

That’s my 2 cents worth.  As a broad open topic – What did YOU think of the 2015 State Legislative session?

11 thoughts on “Open Forum: What did YOU think of session?”

  1. The attempt to repeal the laws of physics, by requiring the operators of half-ton vehicles traveling 55 mph to swerve into oncoming traffic because the operators of 10# bicycles traveling 10 mph shouldn’t be expected to get out of the middle of the road, THAT was interesting!
    They just closed highway 77 south of Brookings to autos and trucks with that one.

  2. I was very disappointed with the vote on Common Core, and with the high increases in taxes to fund road repairs. Maybe everyone “got along” because very few were willing to take a stand.

  3. Visionless for a governor who was elected with over 70% of the vote.

    The legislature didn’t do much to be inspiring either. Mickelson was the one bright spot with his tech school reforms.

  4. Disappointed by the lack of success in stopping common core, tax increases were pretty excessive, not passing permit less carry, and some of the obvious intrusive nature of some medical bills. Other than that I was alright with the majority of it. Suprised by David Novstrup’s leadership on min wage issue. Also suprised that we didn’t see some more conservative posturing by those rumored to be eying a run at Governor.

  5. 1. It was a much better session without the blathering of Tyler and Stace Nelson.
    2. Hickey again wins the award of the most verbose.
    3. Senior statesman Roger Hunt was a nice addition.

  6. Not a good session for conservatives. Probably the most liberal I have tracked. I suppose the SDGOP think they can get away with tax and spend liberalism since it is not an election year. When conservatives point to the liberal voting records during the next election cycle, you can count on the media helping out the liberals with the “negative campaign” label.

  7. Time for Latterell to go away. He’s bad for the cause and in it for himself.

  8. I would grade the legislature a B.

    The only substantive major demerit is given for the tax increase and expenditure for highways and bridges. We are going to spend way too much money on highways no longer needed (current trunk system was laid out in the 1920’s when the population distribution was different) and not spend money on roads needed in the 2020’s and beyond.

    But for the above, I’d give everyone an A+.

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