20 thoughts on “Senator Mike Rounds on THAT Iran Letter”

  1. Rounds constantly demonstrates the huevos and gravitas to be a serious national political figure. I wish there was a way for a first term Senator to move into leadership. The party needs him, the nation needs more of his kind of governance.

    1. you can say that it’s sad that rounds is the smartest guy in the current senate if you want, i’d agree with that.

  2. Being a Governor is all about managing situations and people and being able to express a plausible response to unexpected questions under pressure. When I showed friends & family today in SF Mikes FOX interview the constant was “Wow he can really articulate well”.

    Being a US Senator is all about handling pressure. Today we know Mike Rounds can handle it.

    1. how lovely. being called a traitor by sean penn is so limitlessly ironic that it can’t be contained in this country or his native north korea.

      1. Oh yes, attack the messenger because you cannot affectively attack the message….by the way, he accused them of mutiny and not treason. There is a difference, but if you are obsessed with the messenger then you are probably going to miss that one…

        1. hey, i love a good nonsensical hair-splitting as much as the next person. don’t stop now.

        2. and of course none of you einsteins have realized that mutiny is related to maritime law. the more nearly correct term would be insubordination, if the concept even applies. but you know it all.

  3. I thought that Senator Rounds did an excellent job in this interview. If he keeps this up, we could see a lot more national coverage of him. He was concise and thoughtful. He spoke with confidence.

    Just one criticism. That “nuclear” word. I prefer it be pronounced NEW-CLEE-ER and not NEW-CU-LER. It sounded like he used the latter.

    1. good catch on nook yoo lar. i was to busy trying to follow peter ducey’s not-articulate questions to notice.

      1. i believe the record shows that george w. bush had better college grades than albert r. gore. his muddling of ‘nuclear’ is a matter of record, and not even accurately represented in this hitpiece you posted. the mild mangling of ‘nuclear’ into ‘nucular’ is more of a quaint regional affectation, more similar to saying ‘pop’ instead of ‘soda’, or saying “jen-jish khan” instead of “genghis khan” to a congressional committee probing the vietnam war. it’s very minor, unless you’re a troll.

        1. I wonder if Gore can paint? I know he can travel overseas without the fear of being arrested for crimes against humanity, however.

          1. i did see a picture of gore working for the military press in vietnam. he was on a march with his unit, and in the picture he was tightening his rifle strap, with his forehead resting on the end of the barrel.

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