You are more likely to be eaten by dogs than struck by lightning in South Dakota.

In case you missed the story today, a second person has been killed by a pack of wild dogs on an Indian Reservation within months of another horrific incident:

A 49-year-old woman on the Rosebud Indian Reservation has died following an attack from a pack of wild dogs.

Mellette County Sheriff Mike Blom tells KELO-TV he found 49-year-old Julie Charging Whirlwind surrounded by dogs around 6:30 a.m. Saturday morning. He says he shot and killed two of the dogs so emergency responders could reach the woman.

Read it here.

As you likely recall, the first attack involved an 8-year old girl on the Pine Ridge reservation in November.

Just out of curiosity, I looked up how many had been killed by lightning strikes in South Dakota in the last year in comparison. What I came up with was a somewhat shocking ten-year statistic.


Two people in the last decade have been killed by lightning. Two people within 4 months have been killed by packs of dogs.  You are more likely to be eaten by dogs than killed by lightning in South Dakota.

Not a statistic to take pride in.

4 thoughts on “You are more likely to be eaten by dogs than struck by lightning in South Dakota.”

  1. That is a very very sad statistic. Those feral dogs need to be put down – not saved, not put up for adoption, not fed by well-meaning people – the feral pack dogs need to be eradicated from the reservation. It is far too dangerous for people living there.

  2. They are so out of control you can’t even walk out of a grocery store in Eagle Butte without being mobbed by them. You just hope they won’t attack. The larger the pack, the more aggressive they become.

  3. Eaten by dogs is like being incinerated by lightning. I would suggest you are more likely to be bitten to death by dogs than struck and killed by lightning. Newland emailed me this clarification and I am just passing it on. Bob says “hi”.

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