Postscript on Phil Jensen resolution expressing sympathy for Jan 6 insurrectionists.

In House State Affairs Committee this AM, Phil Jensen found it to the be killing fields for at least one of his outrageously bad resolutions.

House Concurrent Resolution 6006, expressing sympathy for the people who raided the US Capitol, assaulted police, and were generally committing acts of violence and insurrection, was defeated on a 12-0 vote.

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  1. It is not really what the Resolution is stating, you misrepresented the whereas clauses, let alone the statement. He is standing up for the Rule of Law, expressing the importance of allowing ALL AMERICANS to maintain their constitutional right’s to the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th Amendment, which are all well protected as part of the S.D Constitution, under Article 6. It is about promising to uphold and protect South Dakota American Citizens from being wrongfully accused, let alone charged with a crime in face of public opinion. It is saying that “WE” as the State of South Dakota will stand behind all S.D Citizens, despite the fact that outside of our borders, many forces of evil are threatening our constitutional protected rights.

    If you have taken an oath to the Constitution, you support the resolution, let alone support your fellow American’s right to s fair, honest, speedy, and transparent trial.

    Any such Republican who opposes this Resolution, ‘we’ are going to find out who they really are, and who they are beholden to, whether or not are true to the People of South Dakota, or beholden to their handlers…

      1. Tell the PEOPLE Resolutions do not mean anything, they are PROMISES that we intend to do or not do something. Once adopted, they, the legislature’s are acting on our behalf to adopt a “PROMISE” as a State, aka the People to act a specific way. In this case, ‘WE” would be agreeing to stand together, united to uphold the constitution, our rights, and to maintain the rule of law thus protecting S.D Citizens vs the other 49 States, and The District of Columbia. Once adopted, and where the Legislature break their oath, their promises made, the PEOPLE will have evidence that they are NOT acting in our best interests.

        1. No. They’re not. It’s a meaningless piece of paper with words on it that have no legal clout.

        2. The only people who care about resolutions are the same people that believe the fundraising emails/texts that Candidate “X” is personally contacting 100 of their most loyal supporters for a 10,000X match.

          Also, that’s not what resolutions are. They are for congratulating the High School Boys/Girls track team for capturing a State Championship.

          1. Nu uh, THE PEOPLE care. THE PEOPLE are, of course, a really malleable term. Obviously Captain Insano here thinks it means the vast, VAST majority of Americans agree with him. But they dont. It doesnt matter to ol Mike, though. He’ll just repeat THE PEOPLE ad nauseaum in hopes you ignore his complete lack of substance

            1. I do not take your comments seriously, cause you cannot use your first and last name. You chose to be the Joe Biden of South Dakota, hide in your basement, make posing threats and abuse others on a social media outlet.

              I am sure you feel you speak for all 687 Precincts, when you only reside in 1 of the 687 precincts yourself.

              I am sure the voters in each Precinct voted for the 1 person on the ballot to best represent them as per the precinct they reside in, in order to become their voice in committees.

              I will continue to emphasize, “WE THE PEOPLE” rule the State based on the majority of Districts, let alone the Precincts.

              Enough of Your Hatred.

              1. ENOUGH of YOU and more support for THE PEOPLE. You do not speak for THE PEOPLE, only your own naked ambition.

    1. Since you kinda asked as to who opposed this Resolution are, here are all 12 of them as posted: Republicans – Bartels, Blare, Cammack, Chaffee, Chase, Drury, Hansen, Mortensen, Reimer, Rehfeldt and Democrats – Healey, Lesmeister.
      The Resolution was amended to read: A CONCURRENT RESOLUTION, To encourage the humane and fair treatment of January 6 defendants.
      There is no audio available so I am unable to comment further except to thank the Representatives Jensen, Perry and Randolph and Senator Frye-Mueller for standing up for these defendants.

      1. there is no position or statement you can make about the jailed defendants, which is appropriate for a statewide group of lawmakers to let fly forth via the consent calendar. many people feel that the treatment of these detainees is on par with the way our legal system treats everybody who happens to get caught in the slow-turning wheels of justice. nothing about this merits wasting a precious afternoon’s time in contentious debate and a roll call vote.

  2. Guilty until proven innocent.

    The American way!

    The guy who put his feet on Pelosi’s desk and is now facing 20 years.

    That poor, poor desk deserves Justice!

    You know have to know this is going to make Jensen into a SD folk hero, right?

    I mean ..

      1. That is funny, since your side is so worried about how those people who opened up the front door of the Capitol Building and walking down the hallway to the U.S House Chambers, 20 minutes after the U.S House was already cleared, set up for whatever event was going to happen next. Shows that Congress most likely staged the event, more or less planned it in order to stop Mike Pence from allowing the U.S Senate discuss the differences in State Electors. Now, the Federal Govt led by their handlers now get to portray these so called “Intruders” as Anti-Federalist, Anti-Democratic, Trumplicans who support such case of Auditing, Reviewing, and Overseeing the Congress from within. This can intrude the many South Dakota Citizens who traveled to D.C that day, to attend such political rallies, protests, events, etc with the goal of holding Congress accountable for their actions, placing them now in a position they may be publically shamed, or charged with crimes they did or did not commit.

        1. Staged, huh? Did you tell the FBI or CIA or Capitol Hill police officers everything you know? If not, you could be charged with a crime.

        2. Maybe Congress brought those NASA guys that staged the moon landing out of retirement for this?

  3. So pat, do you think it is due process for a good many of these folks to have been arrested, incarcerated, and held with no charges, no visits from attorneys? Is this your idea of due process?

  4. Do they really think getting whooped on in prison is unique to them? Or that those incidents happened only because of their political beliefs? Oh, the hubris!

    “Man, jail is awful! Must be because I’m a conservative.”

    Think this might become a catalyst for the far-right to get on board with meaningful criminal justice reform? Yeah, me neither. Everybody wants to be a “lover of liberty” until it’s time to do libertarian things.

    1. The far right is always finding ways to be the victim, look at how they phrase every issue. We can’t let gay marriage happen, or my marriage is invalid. We can’t let people dress in other gender clothes, or they will rape my kids. We can’t let people be gay, because my religion forces me to not let them, and now I don’t have freedom of religion. We can’t let affirmative action happen, or white people won’t be able to get a job anymore. We can’t promote women in male activities because then the NFL will be full of women. They remind me of Harry and Lloyd, maybe someday, if they are lucky, they will catch a break. Thoughts and prayers to Phil and his fellow criminal gang members in jail, who are only there because they are straight, white, males. RIP

      1. All the while calling everybody else “snowflakes”…

        Conservatism could be great if its practitioners could keep it focused on reducing the size and scope of government. But this bunch never misses an opportunity to use the force of government to enforce their own worldview. It’s maddening, especially as someone who used to proudly wear the “c word” as a badge of honor.

  5. Why does D33 keep electing inept PJ? As long as he has an R by his name, the GOPers don’t pay any attention to his stupidity.

    1. That same district elected George Ferebee to the county commission. They don’t have high standards, unless they are doing it for the comedy, then I applaud them.

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