Breaking: Senator Julie Frye Mueller stripped of Committee Assignments for interaction with LRC staffer

WHOA!  I don’t know if this has ever happened in my 35 years of interacting with the legislature, but it looks like the awful State Senator Julie Frye Mueller has been stripped of her committees!

I’m sure that was just Julie being Julie. But we’re going to hear more about this!

19 thoughts on “Breaking: Senator Julie Frye Mueller stripped of Committee Assignments for interaction with LRC staffer”

  1. Oh boy!

    If politics was a big pile of dog dookie, corruption, nepotism, and self-serving legislation (and their respective cash flows) would be the smell, and the ideas of South Dakota America-first patriots are the poop bag.

    You can get rid of the poop bag, but you might want to check your shoes more often before you come into the house.

  2. I know of multiple young people who were creeped out/harassed by her. She’s lucky she’s not in jail.

  3. We who vote in the District numbered 30, or at least those of you whackjobs that voted for her, should hang your heads in shame.

    1. District 30 needs to wake up and quit sending her to the legislature for the whole state to put up with. Isn’t there some kind of competency or IQ standard one has to meet in order to run for office? Does she realize she’s a disgrace to her family, her church, her district and Republicans in general? She and Taffy Howard need to go away and leave good Republicans and the true common-sense conservatives alone. Also, Mike Lindell, and all the radio and pod casts who let them speak on their programs should be boycotted. If they don’t have the discernment to know better than to have them come and lie, use hear say and their ‘opinions’ as fact, they have NO credibility. People who claim to be the most ‘conservative’ but lie through their teeth are no good to anyone. Stop listening, stop hosting and stop following them like sheep! District 30 needs to vote in a quality legislator or they choose to not be represented. Jim Lintz was a class act.

  4. Well…we don’t know what went on but, regardless of harsh words and hurt feelings, the citizens of Custer and Pennington County, Republican and Democrat, deserve full representation in the Senate and it appears that by removing the Senator from committee assignments, the powers that be within the Party are not only “disciplining” the Senator but are depriving these citizens of opportunities for influencing or promoting legislation.Those citizens are being punished as well. If the “Powers That Be” want to remove her from the Party caucus, I guess that’s their business though I think the Party apparatus in the counties she represents should have much input into expelling her from the Party. But…removing committee assignments makes citizens of Custer and Pennington counties second class citizens.

    1. I don’t think leader ship in the Senate had anything to do with the problem. I suspect JFM brought this on herself, and you should be asking her about her behavior, rather than Leadership having to spend time on her nonsense.

    2. Citizen of District 30 here, good move. I feel more represented by about 100 other legislators more than her. She wasn’t effective before, she won’t be effective now. She really brought this on herself.

  5. I hope everyone in her district who didn’t vote for Tim Goodwin in the primary realizes they are complete idiots, just like her. If she has any shame (which she clearly doesn’t) she would resign and let Noem fill the spot with Goodwin.

  6. District 30 voters (those who voted for JFM) should finally feel ashamed that they elected such a dolt. Since she was initially elected, the District has had virtually no representation in Pierre in the Senate. Now, the District literally has no one in the Senate – just a placeholder who spouts conspiracy theories and brings meaningless bills that go nowhere. Wake up District 30! You had a great candidate in George Kotti back in 2020 and you all dribbled that one down your leg. It’s time to throw out the garbage and start fresh. Unfortunately, the District will probably have to live with her for one more session. Depending on the offense, it looks like Censure may be he most logical conclusion here.

  7. How did we go from blaming JFM to blaming D30? JFM is a great liar (a business in her district even put up “Do not elect lying Julie Frye” on their sign), she’s a hard working campaigner (because she has nothing else to do) and well known but she barely won this last primary.

    JFM is the problem, this is her fault and her fault alone.

    ++Senate leadership will have to make a statement, right? People deserve to know what happened. There is a precedent for letting people know why someone loses their committees in the US Congress.

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