In case you’d forgotten about JFM’s views…

I’m hearing lots of rumors on what happened today to get Julie Frye Mueller stripped of her committees.

And I’m being told from people at the Capitol that Senator Mueller, the spouse of the Pennington County GOP’s new Vice-Chair, may have also been barred from the Republican Senate Caucus.

Word is that she was way, way off base with a LRC employee, so we’ll have to wait for a report, and see if they have to convene a select committee on discipline.

Several rumors say it started with Mueller expressing her views, and then went downhill from there.

Just for the sake of a blast from the past from JFM, if you’re wondering how deep down the rabbit hole she might have been, for recommended viewing/reading….

from Sen. Julie Frye-Mueller still spreading crackpot theories on school handbooks. (2021)


You can watch the video for yourself by clicking here.


20 thoughts on “In case you’d forgotten about JFM’s views…”

  1. They’ve got this locked down pretty tight.

    What little is out there is that I’m hearing there was an interaction between an LRC staffer and JFM that left this person pretty upset.

    What is being repeated in the rumor mill is that it might’ve started with JFM’s’s views on vaccines and went downhill from there.

    1. So someone has a disagreement with a legislator and gets upset about it and then that’s enough to throw him off a committee???

      That’s a horrible president

  2. Regardless of how unorthodox her views are, a clear majority of voters in her district found it appropriate to send her to Pierre. While her views are a little south of Grudznick, we must conclude that so are the views of a majority of the District 30 voters.

      1. sdsos- goodwin lost by just 46 votes of over 5600 cast in d30, in a county that saw 31 pct voter turnout. the only thing the majority says is ‘i can’t be motivated to vote.’

        1. Really? 31% voter turnout out? That tells us that as usual, the precinct committee men and women DIDN’T DO THEIR JOB.
          What a surprise!

  3. All three sides need to come out in the open before any judgement should be made on this. I’ve known Julie for a few years – going back to before her first House run. Based on her beliefs mostly matching mine, I’ve voted for her every time she ran for office.
    During this time and in political and non-political venues where our paths have crossed, I have never witnessed her making a cross statement or denigrating someone in the presence of others.
    In another site I read that this was a PRIVATE conversation and now all persons involved have been “gag-ordered” (so to speak), so on what basis did these rumors start? In the meantime I believe we all should remember the old saying of “Let he (or whatever pronoun) without sin cast the first stone”.

  4. Excellent interview! I would easily vote for either of these ladies. Instead, all three of my legislators are RINOS.

    1. Anonymous at 9:59 so you agree with those two that the governor should have signed a bill that would have banned a kid from school sports for a year after drinking a caffeinated beverage?

  5. Oh my. They make SD look like hicks. Taffy flubbed words (changing the meaning of what she meant), said things based on rumors (her word) and couldn’t think of words. She did the same on two recent interviews.

    Not a good look in the aftermath for either of them.

  6. After watching Taffy Howard on the Mike Lindell show, I caught her in several lies. Could she be disgruntled because she lost her election, is no longer in the legislature, and is now looking for power and recognition any way she can get it? I mean, talk about sour grapes! If you make a statement, it should at least be true. She lied about our past Secretary of State and our Lt. Governor, just for starters. She calls good Republicans names and has nothing to back up what she says. It was sickening to see Mike as well as others who listen to her, take what she says as fact. They just eat it up! It is shameful how she is saying whatever she feels when it is not true. She is not a Republican. She is anti-Republican and should be banned from the party, in my opinion. She, Julie, and many others are out to destroy the Republican party.

  7. Julie is the queen of voting “present.” She wants to have her score card look good so she would rather vote “present” than take a stand one way or the other. Love how they pat themselves on the back while they run down our governor. They don’t understand why the governor could not sign the first transgender bill because of the way it was written or maybe it’s more fun to continue with the lie of accusing her of doing it for the money. They have a lot of things wrong and cannot be believed. How do they get on all these shows? Reporters need to start doing their homework and get both sides of the story before they listen to fairy tales by these two.

  8. We should change the Wikipedia Page for SDGOP to include Julie Frye Mueller and Jensen as the faces of the party. The voters keep re-electing them and the SDGOP keeps getting even more extreme. Every session it is send in the clowns. As local Republicans have commented “let’s use South Dakota as a dumping ground to send our crazies.” They are the ones driving sensible people away from our BPOUs and costing us elections. Sell and promote South Dakota to them. We will even help them move! Birds of a feather flock together.

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