Sen. Julie Frye-Mueller still spreading crackpot theories on school handbooks

Republican women had a pre-legislative forum recently, and it sounds like State Senator Julie Frye-Mueller took the opportunity to continue to spread her crackpot theories on school handbooks:

“This is where the schools can play doctor with your children in their non-emergency invasive physical exams,” says Rep. Frye-Mueller, eluding to some fine print in school handbooks that she says she’d be happy to show someone if they asked. “It’s in federal law, so it’s in every school handbook. What an invasive physical exam is, is exposure of private body parts, including incision insertion and injection into the body. Now, I could send my child to school and they could get a vaccine. Incision,” she says counting on her fingers, “insertion, injection.”

Read it all here.

(I’m glad for the crowd’s sake she only had to count to three, or they might have been waiting a while.)

If you recall, Frye-Mueller hadn’t been shy about claiming school handbooks would give permission for schools to ‘transgender’ children.

And it sounds as if she’s planning to bring this complete nuttery to the legislature in Pierre next month.

11 thoughts on “Sen. Julie Frye-Mueller still spreading crackpot theories on school handbooks”

  1. With approximately 216,741.455 children in South Dakota right now, assuming they each have 2 parents in the state .. that’s a lot of folks.

    That’s a lot of kids and their families who love and protect them.

    We used to think kinetically.

    Is the Senator’s championed cause so offensive to the anti-family minority in South Dakota? Is the Senator’s idea an indication of a shift in tactics from kinetic defenses to legal and other types of defenses of the youth?

    If so, regarding parent rights in education, it means Ms. Frye-Mueller has advanced understanding of the issues around empowering families to protect their children.

    The reason is because of the nature, patience, and sophistication of affronts against the kids these days.


    Included in this article which covers the way the schools are shutting the parents out, are tidbits about suicide risks AFTER gender reassignment and how 35% of children referred to one clinic for gender reassignment have an Autism Spectrum Disorder. That suggests to me that about the time a children with ASD realize they don’t fit in socially, they are vulnerable to the idea they are transgender, and when that doesn’t work, they kill themselves.

  3. Tin Foil Hat Caucus in the legislature.

    Given that I am a proud Capitalist I’ll need to contact my investment broker this morning and make sure my investments in tin and aluminum foil companies, suppliers and mines are in a good position. Between the state Democrats supporting Lora Hubbel for governor, Frye-Mueller and others running for national office, actions of the Rapid City School Board, Out of state name caller conspiracy theorists (JFK being assassinated by a time traveler born after 1963 according to Larry Kurtz for example) posting on the out of state hard left blog Nebraska Free Press. It will be a good period for tin and aluminum investments.

  4. My old elementary school just reached out to me, I have to change genders. I had to schedule the operation in a few weeks. You all better start listening to Julie, your school will be calling you next. Even though I have been away from the elementary school for 35 years, the Dems and Biden are making this the law, Julie and Mike Lindell warned us. RIP to all your gonads.

  5. Wow, you’d think there would be more pressing issues facing the SD Legislature and it’s members than this lunacy. This is a non-starter and will waste the Legislature’s time if she brings any sort of legislation. She is by far one of the most ineffective legislators (along with Mulally and Randolph) ever to hold office in Pierre. District 30 voters should be ashamed that they voted for this buffoon. I didn’t even listen to the whole video, yet I feel dumber now than I was before! KMN

    1. There must be something in the water or some mysterious pull that all these wackos from all over the country are attracted to the Black Hills.

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