Release: Bills Proposed to Strengthen Election Laws

Bills Proposed to Strengthen Election Laws
Republican Lawmakers Announce Election Integrity Legislative Package

PIERRE–Republican lawmakers today announced the Stronger and Safer for 2024 legislative package to strengthen South Dakota’s election laws in an effort to protect the public’s confidence in the election system, reduce opportunities for fraud, expand transparency and improve the accuracy and security of the state’s voter registration system.

“As policy makers, it is our responsibility to make sure we have fair and honest elections with dependable results,” said Senate Majority Leader Casey Crabtree (R-District 8). “The people of South Dakota should have full confidence in our election results. These proposals are a step in the right direction to make sure South Dakota has some of the strongest election laws in the nation.”

“Republicans stand for fair and honest elections,” said House Majority Leader Will Mortenson (R-District 24). “In South Dakota, we have a good system, run by honest and capable local officials. We promised the voters we’d look under every rock to make it better and we have a package of legislation to do just that. Anyone who believes in election integrity is welcome to join the coalition.”

This package of common sense legislation is being introduced this session so that the updated laws are in effect for the 2024 election cycle. The coalition of lawmakers have spent time talking with voters, election officials, policy experts, and fellow lawmakers to develop legislation that enacts best practices from other states and makes common sense updates to our election process. 

Stronger and Safer for 2024 includes proposals to: secure ballot tabulation machines, establish a postelection audit process, establish distance requirements and poll watchers’ rights, ban unmonitored drop boxes, ban ballot harvesting activities, and clean up the state’s voter rolls. If enacted, these measures will strengthen South Dakota’s already strong election laws and further protect South Dakota’s reputation for fair and honest elections.

Republican lawmakers are committed to common sense solutions to strengthen South Dakota’s election laws with the Stronger and Safer for 2024 legislative package.



7 thoughts on “Release: Bills Proposed to Strengthen Election Laws”

  1. You all will do anything to not give us them Cast Vote Records won’t you! Without them these changes still show no transparency. You know what is efficient is when you hand count on video camera so all can see and then nobody can question the results. That is transparency. Not this electronic tabulation where you don’t let anybody inspect the machine. Addition machines are not trade secrets. Let’s have open honest elections and let the chips fall as they do. Until then, we will not quit fighting in the name of all those that lost their lives for the right to vote in a fair election. God bless USA.

  2. So one Secretary of State candidate runs that says we need to fix our election laws and wins

    1 guy says there’s no problem

    The establishment complains when the candidate seeking reform wins

    And now hypocritically says we need to fix something……

  3. Does this mean no more ballot boxes being transported from the polling location to the counting location?

  4. Is this a joke? What a bunch of squish, useless republicans refusing to actually protect our elections.

    1) Ban ALL drop boxes. (Not just “unmonitored”)

    2) Ban all electronics in our elections- NO TABULATORS, NO ELECTRONIC POLL BOOKS! AND DON’T buy electronic voting machines.

    **There is no logical reason for ballots to be hauled out of a precinct to a massive central location to be run through machines (tabulators) that GENERATE vote totals. Completely ASININE.**

    4) BAN ALL absentee or mail ballots with exceptions ONLY for certified disabled and our military deployed/stationed out of state.

    5) Yes, legitimate audits (not select, small recounts by the same MACHINES) post election of all ballots AND poll books.

    6) WIPE THE VOTER ROLLS. All VOTERS need to REGISTER in person with photo ID, citizenship and residency verified. Voter Rolls in SD are a DISGRACE

    7) All precincts max out at 1500 registered voters. Small precinct voting and counting of paper ballots on site on Election Day.

    8) All Election workers/volunteers rotate preventing same people controlling oversight of elections year after year. One option to implement would be random selection of election workers out of the voter registration database like they use for jury duty.

    Previous SOSs didn’t allow any names to be removed off the voter rolls except once every 8 YEARS even after they knew the ”voter” did NOT live here, died, were ineligible (felon), not a citizen, etc., this is CRIMINAL!

    **If they don’t ban tabulators & electronic poll books it’s because they benefit from the fraud or they’ve been intimidated or funded by those who don’t want elections secured- it’s that simple.**

    Our ancestors, family members, and friends have bled and died for this country. How dare our despicable politicians fail to secure our elections. What will it take for the elected imbeciles to realize our federal & state governments have been infiltrated from WITHIN by communist – globalist’s fronting as democrats & REPUBLICANS? The uniparty useful idiots laughably think they will be safe if they’re on the side of tyranny. This is how foolish these people really are- they think they’re SO special the communist’s will treat them kindly and allow them to stay in control. Ha!

    Secure our elections NOW.

    1. A Qualified Voter” in South Dakota is NOT bound to reside only in the State. They have the Right to Travel, a good, effective Secretary of State understands how to enforce this, let alone HOLD other states accountable. Mail Ballots should be banned, yes, Absentee Ballots should properly used, managed, and governed over, and all must be returned to th poll center no less than 5 Days PRIOR the election Date.

      A person who resides in Arizona but is DOMICILED fully in South Dakota is a Qualified Voter of South Dakota. IT now becomes the Secretary of State’s role to ensure that that voter is NOT registered in Arizona, let alone votes in Arizona, and the SOS has the authority to bring forth evidence of such, to the S.D Attorney General, thus taking that Foreign State or group of States to Court.

      6 States in 2020 cheated, and should be held accountable.

      1. If they are domiciled in a state they are a resident of said state. Just because someone may spend a few months away, doesn’t mean they are a resident of the other state.

        I can’t think of one person who would go through all the trouble of attempting to prove residency in another state (all states have different requirements for proving residency) because they live there for a few months of the year.

        The states communicate. When I moved here from out of state SD communicated with my previous state that I was no longer a resident of the previous state.

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