Pot legalization group says near signature requirements


I suspect they’ll be turning in petitions in at some point soon, which does not come as a shock. Unless the state challenges the petition collection date court decision, which I have not heard they’re doing, I think it’s a forgone conclusion that the question of recreational pot legalization will go to the voters again.

7 thoughts on “Pot legalization group says near signature requirements”

  1. With the budget out of state Big Marijuana has flooding South Dakota, the shady and deceptive tactics paid petitioners used last time it would not be a surprise they get enough signatures.

      1. Original post forgot to add high pressure tactics with a few of those paid petitioners wearing ankle monitors most likely on probation. These petitioners followed people into stores, harassed them for a signature and told them it was just for hemp and would claim anything. South Dakotans are going to be in for a big surprise and realize they got duped!

        1. What insidious, evil pressure did voters face when they elected to legalize? And btw: I dont believe your story. At all. Maybe provide aome proof?

  2. If coffee is a right, Cannabis is a right.

    Ima submit a petition and you can only buy John’s dank weed from John for double the price of Dave. Yeah, that’s what government’s for!

  3. I find it funny that so many think personal liberties and freedom of choice (outside taking a vaccine) is a democrat philosophy. I can’t tell you how many republican’s I know that support personal freedoms like this. Every stupid thing we want to prohibit (marijuana use) costs us money, why do we need this, we don’t? Small government for the win!

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