President Holding Defense Hostage, Says Noem

noem press header kristi noem headshot May 21 2014President Holding Defense Hostage, Says Noem

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Representative Kristi Noem today strongly denounced President Obama’s veto of H.R.1735, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).  The NDAA is an annual legislative item that sets the nation’s defense priorities.  Since an NDAA was first passed more than 50 years ago, the legislation has been vetoed only four times; today marks the fifth.

“Taking our national defense hostage and using that as leverage to increase government spending is a dangerous and unprecedented move to make,” said Noem.  “Every other NDAA veto has been issued over defense policy decisions.  This is the first time a Commander in Chief has chosen to sacrifice national security for other reasons.  The decision is unacceptable.”

The 2016 NDAA passed the U.S. House of Representatives on May 15 by a margin of 269-151, with broadly bipartisan support.  The legislation includes a 1.3 percent pay raise for troops, improves access to mental health care for veterans, offers greater protections against sexual assault, and provides necessary resources in the fight against ISIL, Russian aggression, and cyber threats.

“The NDAA gives our troops the resources and authorizations they need to keep this country safe,” said Noem.  “More specifically, this legislation increases pay for our troops and their families.  It enhances the military retirement system and makes much-needed improvements to the way mental health care is handled for veterans.  It strengthens our cyber defenses, reinforces our mission to defeat ISIL, and enables us to counter Russian aggression.  The NDAA accomplishes all of this while reflecting Congress’s balanced budget plan.  It’s a strong and broadly bipartisan piece of legislation.  I will work to gain the votes necessary to override this dangerous veto.”

The House of Representatives is currently scheduled to vote on a veto override on November 5.


25 thoughts on “President Holding Defense Hostage, Says Noem”

  1. Oh yeah, you tell ’em, Kristi. Use that tough-talk language, girl. I bet Obama is shaking in his shoes!

    1. Obama isn’t shaking in his shows because he doesn’t follow the rule of law and doesn’t care about what anybody thinks if they don’t want what he wants. Obama is a dictator, and I cannot wait until he leaves the White House in January of 2017-good riddance to the community organizer who was the worst president in modern history.

    1. If I understand it correctly, it doesn’t spend enough money we don’t have, on things like Syrian Rebels to fight that proxy war with Russia, right? Because he wants more money to train half a dozen fighters? Is that right?
      And he wants to close Gitmo and send all the inmates to Yemen or Colorado?
      Just what did he want anyway?

  2. He’s not holding anything hostage. He’s holding the idiots in Congress accountable. Like the President said. “Let’s do this right.”

      1. Right – vetoing a bill the President does not like. That’s right of every President. And Congress can try to override it. That’s the right of Congress. Were you upset by any bills GW Bush vetoed while in office?

        1. It’s not right to spend more money we don’t have on entitlements to try to create a socialist country, so your argument smacks of stupidity.

    1. Obama is the idiot here, Heisenberg. If you believe Obama has the best interests of this nation at heart you are a fool and gullible beyond belief. Obama is a petulant, lying child who will not compromise even at the expense of the military. He is the worst kind of ideologue, and his last day in office will be a cause for celebration.

      1. Just. F*cking. Stop. He’s the President. He truly and sincerely has the best interests of the nation at heart. I also know that GWB, Reagan, and Nixon had the best interests of the nation at heart.

        The ONLY argument here is what those interests are, and only a complete moron would believe that the president, any president, wants the nation to fail.

  3. Completely ridiculous and irresponsible that the President would veto a bill that funds our military simply so he can use it as leverage to get more money for other programs. Paying our military should not be a partisan issue. Sign this bill and fight over the domestic stuff separately. Don’t hold the military hostage.

    1. When the shorter-sighted Republicans were all slapping each others’ backs after they pushed their sequester through, a few of the smarter ones were concerned that the situation they created would come back to bite them.

      That day has arrived.

      The President understands that the US spends more on its war department than the next 26 other countries combined – and 25 of those are allies.

      So the Republicans are going to have to take off the $38 billion slush fund off the table, going to have to give poor minority kids a few more lunches and after-school programs to get what they want.

      Congressional Republicans need to just quit whining. Give the President some of what he wants and then they get most of what they want.

      Or they can continue their whining and hand-wringing. I don’t really care. Obama gave the Republicans enough rope to hang themselves and they just couldn’t resist it.

      1. Give the president some of what he wants?

        Obama won’t sit down with them to talk Pat. You can’t give him what he wants when you don’t know what he wants.

        1. Okay, I’m going to assume you really believe what you wrote, so it’s time for a sixth-grade civics lesson.

          The Commander-In-Chief has representatives all over the place in Washington. These representatives talk to everyone who will listen and even try to talk to those who won’t. There is no secret on the hill what the President wants. Anyone who doesn’t know, chooses to not know.

          The President is giving the Republicans the opportunity to compromise.

          In other words, they have put their neck in a noose again and are in a losing position again. Republicans created their own pain by their sequestration plan and Obama let them put their neck right in there.

          The most embarrassing part of all this is that the Republicans are getting schooled by a man the Republican sweetheart Sarah Palin calls:

          “A community organizer? A community organizer?”

          Congressional Republicans? They might think they’re smart, but every day gives us examples of why we should question that.

  4. Hey Kristi run for Sectrary of state and tell some one who really cares.Hey tell John Thune he gets er done for South Dakota.Don’t forget the camera or the basketball.

  5. This statement is rather ironic coming from someone that was a willing participant in the most recent government shutdown in 2013. The military didn’t shut down, but the majority of government workers who actually earn their paychecks couldn’t go to work.

  6. I think my head just exploded a bit…are you suggesting that the military does not work to earn their paychecks? I will hold my comments for further explanation

  7. Obama has his own style of “leadership” as it relates to Congress. He doesn’t enter into negotiation. If the Democrats in Congress cut a good enough deal, he signs it. If they don’t, he vetoes it. He puts no footprints on the legislative process until it gets to his desk.

    This is not necessarily a criticism (I do disagree with it though) because it is consistent with his aggressive use of Executive Order where he makes Congress fight to put footprints on what he sees as executive prerogative (I also disagree with his demarcation of legislative vs. executive authority).

    I’ve been watching Congress and Presidents interact and this is the first President who distanced himself so far from Congress AND expected them to keep a distance from him. But, it seems to have served himself well if for no other reason to frustrate Republicans who want to negotiate.

    1. Troy, you must have forgotten this:

      The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.

      -Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, quoted in National Journal, November 4, 2010

      Now I don’t know how you turn that into a “We want to negotiate with President Obama.”

      I don’t think even you have those wordbending powers.

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