The new 2016 License plates are officially announced.

What do you think? Is it time for a change of pace?

25 thoughts on “The new 2016 License plates are officially announced.”

  1. About the only way to improve the plates would be to scrub out Teddy Roosevelt — not a fave for me. (I kid! I kid!)

  2. Is this the only design option? Is there a record of other designs submitted Pat? This design isn’t bad, but it’s not great either. It’s fighting itself (trying to do too many jobs at once.)

    1. Its a license plate, not a canvas, not art, not a decoration.
      It does what its supposed to do.

      1. LOL. here’s Per Curiam giving me a lecture about graphic design. Too funny. *pats little tyke on the head*

        1. I’m not going to bite your name-calling this time.

          Its a license plate. Period.

          Your lame effort to elevate it into something else, then critique it as if you have any insight to “art”, is another strawman.

          Its a LICENSE PLATE!

          Please don’t start with your sexual innuendo/locker room talk. Its disgusting.

            1. Yep–a durable rectangle with numbers should be enough.

              NO ONE looks at a state’s license plate and thinks,

              “gosh I should move there or conduct business there because some anonymous artiste who calls himself Bill Fleming thinks its a well designed plate!”

              1. Like I said, you are obviously totally unqualified to participate in this discussion. But by all means, keep writing and proving my point. 🙂

          1. You’re right. You’re not going to have an argument with me about graphic design. You’re not qualified.

            1. “You’re not going to have an argument with me about graphic design. ”

              Another strawman.

              I never said anything about arguing with you or arguing with you about GD.

              Nice try though.

              Stay focused little buddy.

              1. If you are discussing what printed material should look like and why, you are discussing graphic design by definition. If you don’t think it makes any difference what a piece of printed material looks like, you are unqualified to participate in a discussion about graphic design. It’s just that simple.

                1. If you are discussing the impressions placed on the surface of a concrete sidewalk, then you are discussing construction techniques by definition. If you don;t think it makes any difference what a concrete sidewalk looks like, you are unqualified to participate in a discussion of construction techniques.

                2. Since you’ve demonstrated total ignorance of how license plates are MANUFACTURED, you indeed are unqualified to discuss the manufacture of license plates or graphic design!

                  P.S little buddy: License plates are not “printed”!

                  1. Er, Pheasantland uses a 3M digital licence plate system – a thermal printer. Or did you think the inmates hand-painted each one?

                3. PP: “What do you think? Is it time for a change of pace?”

                  Sorry, its not your blog.

                  It IS that simple!

    1. Move away, please! You dislike things so much here and yearn for a centrally-managed economic system, go where they already have one-don’t try to mess up one of the few states that shows some fiscal responsibility.

    1. They have to change them every so often because the reflective layer on the plates starts to wear down.

      They used to replace them every 5 years. Last time, during the recession, Rounds decided to keep the current plates for an extra 5 years to save money. So our current plates are 10 years old, not 5.

  3. Wonder if L&S designed this little gem. It could be a lot better. Maybe they should have opened it up for submittals.

  4. What’s wrong with it? A license plate’s purpose is to be readable, and this one will be. Mt. Rushmore is the main attraction in the state and is there but doesn’t detract from the readability. Seems fine to me.

    Of course, I guess you could go with a field of waving wheat or corn and a windmill or barn in the background, or some cattle, or a beautiful SD sunset. The main thing is to recognize the name of the state and the numbers/letters on the plate, both of which are fine on this plate.

  5. As long as my truck has the current years sticker on it when visiting one of SD’s Finest I’m good with it.

    Though in a small way every positive another State’s residents’ get from our color and flavor help in selling our territory as a great place to be. Somehow it’s all cumulative.

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