Promo for Rich Weible groups declares Weible as “South Dakota Hero.” Maybe he saved a cat from a tree?

A promotional image found out on the internet for Save South Dakota event, with former Minnesota and now Elkton South Dakota election conspiracist Rick Weible, is promoting Weible as “Rick Weible, South Dakota Hero.” The flyer advertises Weible at a meeting in Aberdeen this coming Saturday, declaring that Transparency is the incoluation (sic) to all conspiracies.  I’d note that both Save South Dakota and Midwest Swamp Watch are entities that Weible created.. so really, his groups seem to be declaring him as a hero without citing a factual basis for their declaration.

I know Rick has been involved in his election conspiracy groups, and was involved in the Monae Johnson for Secretary of State race before Monae Johnson sprinted away from Weible and his spouse after the election (as Weible relates here at about 6:20).  But I can’t find any records of heroism on Rick’s part from a cursory check of Google. I wouldn’t want to cast doubt in an unfair manner, so I think we’d all agree that there are minor acts of heroism that don’t make the news media. If we want to be generous we can give Rick the benefit of the doubt and venture a guess that yes, maybe he might acted in an unsung heroic manner.. and maybe he saved a cat from a tree or something to that effect?

If you look at the rest of the poster, it IS kind of a mess, and needs a lot of work. The colon should come after Elections, and not on the next line. And I don’t think they should have capitalized Root or Save in the promo sentence for the event. But I’m guessing that the proofreader for the the poster is the same one who is establishing the qualifications of what constitutes heroism for the group’s purposes.

And in both cases, they should do a lot of reworking on it.

9 thoughts on “Promo for Rich Weible groups declares Weible as “South Dakota Hero.” Maybe he saved a cat from a tree?”

  1. Pat which Brown County residents are bringing this guy in? Might as well bring back Ron Branstner and make it a doubleheader super spreader of misinformation competition.

    Lord Help Us!

  2. Build the Wall, keep these out of staters away from the state we love. Rosholt to Valley Springs- 10 feet high and guarded

  3. A Minnesota County Republican BPOU consensus was to encourage and help move all the crazies and conspiracy spreaders to relocate to South Dakota and use it as a dumping ground. They are costing MNGOP races with the DFL Trifecta running the table last session.

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